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Here are some places you may be able to find chickens for sale -

  • Flea markets
  • Chicken swaps and auctions
  • Livestock swaps and auctions
  • Private Sales
  • Private Farms
  • Hatcheries
  • Online auctions (like eggbid, backyard chickens)
  • Online adds (like Craigslist)
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Q: Where can you find hens and roosters for sale?
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Do roosters mate with chickens?

Roosters mate with hens. Both roosters and hens are chickens.

What is the diffrence between roosters and hens?

Roosters are male and hens are female.

Are roosters male hens?

A term rooster is used for the male bird (the hen is a female bird) of certain species . There are chicken roosters and hens, pheasant roosters and hens, turkey roosters and hens etc. Ducks are drakes and hens. Geese are the "Goose and the Gander".

What are similarities between hens and roosters?

Well, hens are girls and roosters are boys...that cover it?

How do hens and roosters copulate?

Yes Hens and roosters mate to fertilize the eggs the hen produces

When do you take the hens away from the roosters?

Do when the hens start asking you to put Viagra in the roosters feed.

Where can you find hens and roosters?

HatcheriesFarmsLivestock salesBreeders

What is the percent of chicken eggs that are roosters?

The average ratio of hens to roosters is 60:40. Or, for every 60 hens laid, 40 roosters are laid.

Why are 2 chickens that are the gentlest picking fights with your 2 roosters?

It is likely that the roosters are aggressive, too rough with the hens, or that there are not hens in ratio to the amount of roosters.

What do roosters like?


How many roosters would it take to breed 3o hens?

The amount of roosters needed for breeding hens is about one rooster per ten hens

Why are roosters better than hens?

They're not. They're just different. No hens, no eggs. No roosters, no baby chicks.

Do commercial poultry suppliers raise hens or roosters?


Are hens females or males?

Hens are females, Roosters are Males.

Do humans eat hens or roosters?

Usually hens, as roosters tend to sometimes do more running around, which makes them bonier.

Will roosters peck at hens?

Yes they will.

Will roosters die if no hens are around?


Where in a farm do roosters live?

A roosters place is in the chicken coop along with his hens. Wherever the hens go, so should the rooster.

How do you tell a roster apart from a hen?

Roosters tend to have larger combs, wattles and fancy tails. They crow, hens chirp. Hens tend to be smaller and duller, roosters are bright and cheerful. Hens lay eggs, roosters don't.

Is 4 roosters too many for 6 hens?

Better to say 4 roosters is too many for 4 roosters. The 6 hens can wait a bit and soon there will be one rooster a-go-go, one in the hereafter, one running away, and one squating on the ground. The hens could deal with 6 roosters, but the big boy a go-go won't stand for more than him with his flock. actually 1 rooster needs 5 hens to be satisfied other wise roosters will fight One rooster will service (fertilize the eggs of) up to 6 hens. If you have more than 6 hens, you will need another rooster. 4 roosters on 6 hens is not good. The roosters will fight and the hens will be exhausted running from all the roosters.

Why do roosters not lay eggs?

Roosters are male. It's the hens that lay the eggs.

What do roosters do that hens don't?

roosters fertilize the eggs but they dont raise the chick

When can a rooster be placed with hens?

You can put a rooster in with hens anytime you wish.You may find the yolks of those hens eggs will be a darker color.Bear in mind sometimes roosters that are in with hens may tend to be nasty.

Is it a good idea to put to roosters in the same pen?

Typically, no. Having multiple roosters can cause stress on the hens - especially if there are not enough hens - and sometimes, roosters can be very aggressive and territorial.

Why does the rooster crock?

The term is crows, not crock. It is the rooster's way of telling other roosters and hens that this is HIS territory, and that he will fight other roosters for his hens.