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you also have the choice of the third gen only dealers online which are and they only deal with third and fhjbhnhjhjszdfAugJ GHJKH Jed producing them and they sold out. J.C.WHITNEY as long as the body kit is the same model year as the car you want to put it on then yes the iroc ground effects will fit. Answer My little sercet for camaro parts is hawks third generation parts. They have just about everything you would ever need. Yes, it will fit but make sure the mounting bracet will fit and line up properly. But, if you put the Iroc skirt on it that will be lying! Answer Alexander & Lund Customs I do believe that JC Whitney is wrong- We did a customers 82 Camaro and installed the complete ground effect set from a 91 RS, including the front bumper cover and rear valance. While we did encounter a few areas where we had to relocate some of the mounting holes it installed seamlessly and looks beautiful. So the answer to your question is that all 3rd gen camaros are pretty much interchangeable when it comes to body parts.i need a notication

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Q: Where can you find inexpensive 1988-89 Camaro body skirts and will an Iroc body skirt fit on an RS?
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