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Where can you find information about a 30-06 bolt action rifle stamped US Model of 1917 Eddystone?


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It's an American made rifle based on the British .303cal Pattern 14 Enfield. They were produced by 3 manufacturers: Winchester, Remington and Eddystone. The rifle was popular with U.S. soldiers during WWI. Check out this link: There's some good info about this rifle. -Jimpie


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your eddystone is usually referred to as the model 1917 eddystone in caliber 30/06. your rifle was made in 1918.....................................

It will be stamped into the action (the cylindrical part that encloses the bolt)

If the gun is a "take-down model" The serial number will be stamped on both the barrel and the action.It would be faster for you go to the link below to see what a "take-down model is then for me to explain.

S & K Scope Mounts in western PA makes one for the Eddystone Look under "Insta Mounts"

It will be stamped right into the action. (The part the bolt slides back and forth in)

Remington made 646,000 US model of 1917 rifles for the goverment during world war I. Winchester and eddystone also produced rifles for the U S goverment during that time,with eddystone being the largest producer.

On the vast number of the various Winchester models, the Model designation is stamped on the barrel, or on the upper tang. If you can tell me what type of action it has, I can point you in the right direction.

The Model 1917 U.S. Rifle made by Winchester is worth about $800 to $1000 in excellent condition with all original parts. Much less if it has parts from Remington or Eddystone and has gone through an aresenal refurbish.

1937. You can verify that date by removing the stock from the action and looking at the bottom of the barrel... it will be stamped "37".

often the model and maker are stamped on the weapon

That's a very late model 11 it's got to be date stamped I'm suspecting it's in the 40's. See related links for information on the Remington Society of America to understand the date code stamped on the barrel.

1929, it will be date code stamped on the barrel, for information see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

You need to post the model number of the gun. It will be stamped right into the barrel.

Action Model, Interaction Model, Transaction ModelAction Model, Interaction Model, Transaction Model

Model II or Model 11, starting in 1921 they were date code stamped on the barrel see related links for information on the Remington Society of America, before that there's a serial list.

1927, will be barrel date code stamped see related links for information

They are date stamped on the barrel, see related links for information on the Remington Society of America.

300-750 dollars depending on the amount of original finish remaining on the rifle,and the stock and a good bore.

All model 24's are date code stamped since they were made after 1920, see related links for the table information.

It should be stamped on the barrel It should be stamped on the barrel

Cant find information on a kessler bolt action rifle from 1950

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