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Where can you find information about a New York Arms Co Model 33502 double barrel shotgun?

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2006-10-06 04:57:37

You might try sending the information to the publishers of the

"American Rifleman", a magazine produced by the NRA. I notice that

every month they have at least one article about historic,

antiquated, or mystery guns. If you decide to do this please look

over the shotgun and jot down any markings, serial numbers, etc..

that you find and include that in your letter to them. Hope that

helps American Rifleman is only available to members of the

National Rifle Association. If the person looking for this answer

is not a member, he won't get to read his answer there. If he is a

member, he would probably already know that New York Arms was a

trade name made by Crescent Firearms and distributed by H&D

Folsom Sporting goods c. 1893-1930.

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