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Winchester firearms faqFor any and all questoins regardig Winchester Firearms: a good site to go for info is
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When was the Winchester model 12 Y serial number 1st manufactured?

Between 1967 and 1969 and where hand made and engraved "Custome Made for _______ _________. They only made 2 in the 1960's for 2 brothers. The Y serial number stood for Trap and Skeet matching barrels manufactured with matching serial numbers. Before the serial numbers starting with a T stood for trap and staring with S stood for skeet barrels. When they came up with the Y serial number, it was designed for trap and skeet matching barrels.

What do you win if you have 2 matching numbers on Hoosier lotto?


What do you mean by All matching numbers?

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Do you win anything if you have 2 of the six numbers on the Ohio classic lottery?

Unfortunately matching 2 numbers isn't enough to qualify for a prize in the Ohio Classic Lottery. The Prize categories are as such: 1st prize - 6 matching numbers, odds of winning are 1:13,983,816 2nd prize - 5 matching numbers, odds of winning are 1:54,201 3rd prize - 4 matching numbers, odds of winning are 1:1,032 4th prize - 3 matching numbers, odds of winning are 1:57 For much more, visit me at

What are the odds of matching 5 of 6 numbers for MegaMillions?

The odds of matching 5 out of the 6 needed numbers in the MegaMillions is one in 3,904,700.80. This means that five of the numbers match but the Mega number does not match.

Where can you look up Winchester serial numbers?


How do you find matching numbers for Corvette?


How can you find the age and value of a Sears Model 53 30-06 manufactured by Winchester?

Answer Sears Model 53re: In the back of the blue book of gun values is a crossover index for gun manufacturers. It is my understanding that serial numbers fall in line with production numbers. Most serials are stamped on recievers. Barrels have all the other information. A lot of the old gun nuts I deal with tend to agree with this way of thinking. Find the maker and cross the date. You can own a pre 64 Winchester pretty cheap this way. If anybody has any other information please email me. Thanks!

What is the value of a Winchester model 94 timber carbine in caliber 450 Marlin Mint condition never fired still in origonal box with matching numbers?

I had one new in box just when winchester went out of business. Sold it for 1500.00. Not sure there is that strong of demand anymore for them.......I would say 1200.00

What is the current price of a 1901 Winchester model 98 signal cannon?

The Winchester 10 Gauge blank firing Cannon was introduced around 1900 for celebrations and noise making. There are estimates on numbers that were manufactured prior to Winchester stopping production of the original in 1958, (around 18,000 units produced). Bellmore and Johnson in 1975 started producing the Winchester Cannon again under license and started serial numbers on the barrels. Before then, only assembly numbers usually (3 digit) are the norm. The condition of the cannon would be a determinate factor in price, and the Winchester factory produced version being higher in price. Auctions for original cannons made in the Winchester factory can bring 1000.00 dollars or more depending on condition and demand.

What year is your Winchester model 190 serial numbers 65546?

While the Winchester model 190 was serial numbered,Winchester did not keep records of the serial numbers by year of production.I can say that the Winchester model 190 was produced from 1974-1980.

What is the value of Model 1890 Winchester pump- probably third edition serial number 254369 and 100 percent original matching part numbers rechambered?

There is no way you can call it 100% original if it is re-chambered.

Do you win anything if you have 4 numbers in the mega millions?

Yes 150.00 for 4 matching numbers. 3 #s plus powerball or 4#s with no matching power ball.

If you have two matching numbers in a lottery do you win any money?


How do you check matching numbers for a mustang?

ford mustang 1966

What is the age of your Winchester 30-30 serial 2499188? has Winchester serial numbers.

How many barrels of oil in a DWT?

The numbers of barrels of oil in a DWT depends on the DWT. DWT is the deadweight of an ultra large crude carrier.

I have a Browning Superposed 4 barrel set made in 1963 The 20 28 and 410 barrels are Simmons but have matching serial numbers to the 12 and receiver. Is this a matching set?

My father has a Browning barrel set that he has traced back 10 years earlier. It was made in 1953. His also has matching serial #'s on the three Simmons barrels. He tried to call Simmons thinking they kept some kind of records, but, was met with a man who told him that when the barrels are made, they can put any serial # they want to make it match. Additionally, he thought Simmons was a "big time operation" that he had heard of and respected for a long time. As it turns out, the person on the other end of the line only made barrels & didn't seem like they had any sense of history or pride in the company. In fact, he literally said, "Mr., we make barrels here, we don't keep no records." His gun still has sentimental value since he's had it for approx. 40 years and it'll be my sons someday (after I get my hands on it),

How many Winchester model 435 German air rifle's were made?

Sorry but this is the only information that I can locate. Between 1969 and 73 Winchester imported eight different models from Germany for a total of 19,259. No numbers for the 435 individually.

Do you win anything for matching 2 numbers on mega millions and none are the mega ball numbers?

As of present, no.

What is the 2digit power ball worth?

Matching one number and the Powerball is worth four dollars. Matching two numbers and the Powerball is worth seven dollars. The higher numbers are dependent on the jackpot total.

Winchester model 70 serial numbers?


Where can you find a list of Winchester serial numbers?

When selling a Corvette what do sellers mean when they state numbers match?

The Engine Serial Numbers Must Match The Serial Numbers on the ID Plate of the car......... Also the transmission and differential are serial numbered as well as the engine. The numbers matching refers to those numbers matching the original build sheet on that particular car.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 61?

Depends on the serial number... Look up Winchester serial numbers..

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