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Depends on the serial number... Look up Winchester serial numbers.. has Winchester sn data you can look up.

the model 1892 Winchester serial numbers only go up to 1004538,please check your serial number again.

You can look up the serial number at

You find a published list of serial numbers for the maker.

Look up at

Not knowing anything about the gun, the same answer applies to all. Google 'Winchester serial number look up' and then put in the serial number on the site once there.

I posted a hotlink under the "related links" heading below.It's a database where you can submit the model and serial numbers and look up the date of manufacture. has sn tables you can look it up on.

You can look up the sn at

You will have to look up the serial number.

The winchester model 77 was made during the years 1955-1963.The serial numbers started at 1001,and ended at 217,180.Winchester did not keep records of the model 77 production.with the parts clean up this produced about 900 more rifles,so the serial numbers could be as high as 218,000.

Look up the manufacturer website and type in your Serial Number.

In 1964 the Model 94 serial numbers were realigned up to 2700000. If its serial 2700000 or higher its post 1964 has sn tables you can look it up on.

Winchester did not keep the records of the serial numbers by year of production for this rifle.I can say that Winchester started making the Model 77 rifle in 1955,and ceased production in the year 1963.The serial numbers began at 1001,and finished up at 217,180.The parts clean up resulted in 900 more firearms made.If I had to guess as to when yours was made,I would speculate that the year was 1958.

My serial numbers go up to 2,037,985 which end in 1991.I would say that your Winchester model 70 rifle was made sometime during the years 1997-1998. has sn tables you can look it up on.

No way to answer without the serial number. Blue Book of Gun Values has sn data if you want to look it up. has Colt serial numbers you can look up has Colt serial numbers you can look up