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I don't know where to find info about it, but as of Sunday, July 15 2007 the ship's in Yaletown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. (ship's KISSES GEORGETOWN) Hope this helps! 7-24-2007 We spotted the ship in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island, Washington this morning at the Customs dock. Crew was very busy shining the boat. We'd love to know more about it. Anyone have info?

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What is the Swedish word for kisses?

Kyssar. (Kiss = Kyss, Kisses = Kyssar). K is here pronounced as sh in ship.

What was the name of ernest shackletons ship?

On his first expedition, his ship was named the Nimrod. On his second expedition, his ship was named the Endurance, and on his final expedition his ship was named the Quest.

Where could one go to find out more information about ship cruises?

In order to go find out more information about ship cruises one can go to the Carnival website. The website has information about cruises to different places and of different lengths.

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Where can one find more information on shipping cars overseas?

DAS Auto Shipping, Ship Overseas, U Ship, and Express Ship are all pages where an individual can find additional information regarding the shipping of cars and other vehicles overseas.

What is thePilgrims ship?

The ship was named the Mayflower.

What did ponce de leon use to travel to find an island?

He sailed to Florida (named it) by ship. He didn't "find an island."

Why was the slave ship named the good ship Jesus?

Yes. The first ship that carried enslaved Africans was named Jesus of Lubeck.

Why did they build a ship named the Titanic?

they built a ship named the titanic because they felt like it.

In 'Jason and the Argonauts' what was the name of Jason's ship?

The ship was named the Argo.Named after the creator of it.

Is it cute when a guy kisses your forehead?

yess it shows a true luv realation ship

Was there a slave ship named Jesus?

Yes, the slave ship was named Jesus of Lubeck. John Hawkins arrived with the first batch of slaves to the Americas in 1555.

Where can one find information about the Silver Cloud cruise ship?

Silver Cloud is a cruise ship from the Silversea company. Head over to the Silversea website and there is information on destinations, discounts, information on other ships, videos, and a blog.

What is it called when you give a ship a name?

It is called "christening" the ship. When a ship is named, it is "christened."

Was there a ship named southern belle?

Does anyone know if there was a ship named southern belle that sank from a giant wave

Where can I read up on the drop ship?

The best way to find out about drop ship is to go to a local library and look up the information in a card catalog. You can also go online and search for the information.

Was there anything named after sally ride?

there was a navy ship named after her

What was the pilgrim's ship named?

the mayflower

Was there a ship named the titanic 2?


What was John Cabot's ship called?

His ship on his second voyage was named the Mathew (as it is named in the Chronicle), but that is generally spelt Matthew today.

What was the first navy ship named after an enlisted person?

The first ship in the navy named after an enlisted man was the USS Osmand Ingram.

What is the name of John Hancock's ship?

John Hancock's Ship was named the Liberty

What was captain jack sparrows ship called?

The ship is named the Black Pearl.

Why was the ship named the RMS Titanic?

Because she was the largest and luxurious ship of her time.

What was the name of Grace O'Malley's ship?

Grace O'Malley's ship was named Malendroke.