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Where can you find information about an old Remington single shot shotgun with the hammer or lever on the left side near the trigger?


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2011-09-14 11:31:03
2011-09-14 11:31:03

I am looking forthe same information. I have a Remington with a side hammer or lever. We always called it the side hammer gun. I hunted with it when I was a kid I am Know 60 years old.

AnswerTry the model 1893. It is listed in the 2006 Standard Catalog of firearms.Then check out Remington Model 1893 on Google.

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The hammer will be in the cocked position. Nothing will happen until you pull the trigger.

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The Model 1894 Remington was a side-by-side shotgun. The Model 1893 was a single-barrel shotgun with a side hammer. The 1893 in excellent original condition can bring $300.

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The trigger on a cannon breach shotgun works by releasing the hammer when the shooter is ready to fire. This strikes a firing pin when in turn ignites the gun power in the shell casing.

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Depends on what your shotgun is. If you have one of the older hammered shotguns (exposed hammer), you can decock them the same way you would any other firearm with an exposed hammer - you gently lower the hammer with your thumb. If you have a shotgun which doesn't have an exposed hammer, your only feasible way of going about this is to empty the magazine, be especially certain to ensure that the chamber is empty, and pull the trigger.

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