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I am looking forthe same information. I have a Remington with a side hammer or lever. We always called it the side hammer gun. I hunted with it when I was a kid I am Know 60 years old.

AnswerTry the model 1893. It is listed in the 2006 Standard Catalog of firearms.Then check out Remington Model 1893 on Google.
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Q: Where can you find information about an old Remington single shot shotgun with the hammer or lever on the left side near the trigger?
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What is the value of a Remington 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with double trigger and exposed hammer with serial number of 208310?

plz help me what is the difference between a prime minster and a chief minster

What happens if you cock a shotgun and don't pull the trigger?

The hammer will be in the cocked position. Nothing will happen until you pull the trigger.

What is the value of a Remington model 1894 single barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

The Model 1894 Remington was a side-by-side shotgun. The Model 1893 was a single-barrel shotgun with a side hammer. The 1893 in excellent original condition can bring $300.

How does the trigger work on a cannon breach shotgun work?

The trigger on a cannon breach shotgun works by releasing the hammer when the shooter is ready to fire. This strikes a firing pin when in turn ignites the gun power in the shell casing.

How do you uncock a shotgun?

Depends on what your shotgun is. If you have one of the older hammered shotguns (exposed hammer), you can decock them the same way you would any other firearm with an exposed hammer - you gently lower the hammer with your thumb. If you have a shotgun which doesn't have an exposed hammer, your only feasible way of going about this is to empty the magazine, be especially certain to ensure that the chamber is empty, and pull the trigger.

Where can you find information on a Sharp and Co double hammer side by side 12 gauge shotgun has scrole work on sides plates trigger guard and hammers has damascus laminated steel barrels?

Try gun shows, libraries.

Where can you find a screw for the hammer on Remington 1889 sxs shotgun?

a good gun smith can fit screws to the gun. Finding the original screws will be almost impossible.

Remington single external hammer patent date 1886?

SINGLE? external hammer? The other is not missing? If this is a double it could be one of several models sometimes determined by the serial no because of quantity made but otherwise a good description is needed. Remington did not make a single external hammer shotgun. If you think this is incorrect send me mail/picture hit the service desk at the Remington Society of America and mail comes to me.

How do you remove left side hammer spring in a Miroku Charls Daly shotgun?

Remove the trigger assembly,Remove the sears, Remove the top lever spring, Remove the set screw for the lock, Remove the left hammer spring.

What information on a Nitro Hunter Shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped Belknap Hdwre and Mfg serial A 4472?

nitro hunter shotgun single barrel with exposed hammer stamped belknap hdwre and mfg serial 5516

What is DAO pistols?

DAO = Double Action Only. Pulling the trigger cocks the hammer (striker) until the trigger breaks and the hammer (or striker) hits the firing pin. A striker is like an internal hammer.

How old is your double barrel double hammer double trigger shotgun with markings it was made by Jas Parker Sons?

I have two 1878 Jas Parker & Sons double barrel shotguns.

What is a hammered shotgun?

It has a visible hammer (or two).

What is a double action revolver?

Early revolvers were single action- you had to cock the hammer manually, then pull the trigger. An example would be the Colt Peacemaker. A double action revolver (such as a S&W 357 magnum- Mdl 66) can be fired by pulling the trigger. Trigger pull, by itself, will cause the hammer to rise and fall. OR- the hammer may be cocked, and then the trigger pulled. A "DAO" or double action only, the hammer cannot be cocked, and the gun must be fired by pulling the trigger.

What is information on a J Stevens double barrel hammer-cap shotgun?

I would have to do some searching to verify this, but I don't believe Stevens ever made a shotgun using percussion caps.

What is the name of the safety feature that blocks the movement of the trigger preventing disengagement of the sear surfaces between the trigger and the hammer thus preventing the weapon from firing?

hammer safety block

What is the hammer of a gun?

The hammer is the part that hits the firing pin when you pull the trigger.. this is just an educated guess...

Information about 12 gauge under lever hammer shotgun by e m reilly of London serial 15143?

I have my 12 guage shotgun with hammer and lever with serial no. 15143 Company EM Reilly and co Oxford Street london, i have kept it for my self defense, now i want to know present value of this shotgun and history of the same gun.

How old is a colt shotgun serial number 20403?

if it is the 1878 hammer shotgun made about 1886

How old is a 10 GA W Richards dam twist black powder cart double barrel two hammer two trigger?

You may have some success at the shotgun world website, ( there is a vast network of collectors and shotgun experts there that may be able to help

What does Single Action Only mean for a pistol?

One shot for each pull of the trigger. The trigger does not cock the hammer.

How can you determine the model for a Marlin 12 gauge pump shotgun?

If your pump 12 ga. has an exposed hammer, it's most likely a model 1898, as all later models of exposed hammer Marlin shotguns had the model marked on the upper tang behind the trigger. If it is not an exposed hammer, then the model designation is on the bottom, where the receiver meets the mag tube.

What are the five parts of a gun?

action, barrel, trigger,sights, hammer

When should the hammer release on a rifle?

When the safety is off and the trigger is depressed.

What is the value of a model 97 shotgun?

in good shape they sell for about$300 to $500,open hammer pump shotgun