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Does corporate bankruptcy affect personal credit?

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Where can you find information about the new bankruptcy laws?

All new federal and applicable state bankruptcy laws can be found at

What are the Arizona bankruptcy laws?

The Arizona bankruptcy laws are too long and complex to include in this answer. One can find the complete information at the website for the US Courts Arizona District or at the site called Arizona Bankruptcy Law.

Where can one find a list of bankruptcy laws?

Bankruptcy laws vary from country to country, state to state and province to province. In America the US Courts have details on bankruptcy law on their website under information regarding Federal Courts.

How do the new bankruptcy laws affect bankruptcy lawyers?

The signature by an attorney on the bankruptcy petition is a certification that he or she has no knowledge, after a diligent inquiry, that the information on the schedules is incorrect.

What are the new bankruptcy laws as of April?

For information concering new bankruptcy reform that became law on Oct.17,2005 please visit Bankruptcy Action at

What has the author Mark S Pulliam written?

Mark S. Pulliam has written: 'Collier labor law and the Bankruptcy Code' -- subject(s): Bankruptcy, Corporate reorganizations, Labor laws and legislation

What are the new bankruptcy laws?

Visit the Bankruptcy Action website for an explaination of the new bankruptcy reform and a guide to determine what is needed to qualify for a chapter 7 or 13. Please visit Bankruptcy Action Com for information concerning the new state and federal bankruptcy laws.

What is the corporate bankruptcy law?

Corporate bankruptcy laws consists of protection for the companies involved, Stockholders are usually the ones who end up not getting refunded even with the law behind them. Unsecured creditors are next in line for repayments. Secured lenders like banks are certain to get what is owed to them back.

Where can someone find the chapter 13 bankruptcy laws?

There are a number of websites that cover chapter 13 bankruptcy laws. Some websites that you may want to visit include the US Courts, Total Bankruptcy and the court website of your state.

Where can you find a list of Utah's bankruptcy laws?

One of the best places is to contactUtah Bankruptcy Court Trustee405 S. Main St.Suite 300Salt Lake City, UT 84111801-524-5734 From this office you can easily get the information you need.

What are the key differences in bankruptcy laws between Florida and California?

Bankruptcy laws are federal so there is probably no difference in bankruptcy laws between Florida and California.

Where can I learn more about bankruptcy law?

The best place to find out about that law is by going to a lawyer. Lawyers know the laws and they can teach or tell you them. You can also go to the library and check out books about bankruptcy, and laws about bankruptcy.

When were the new bankruptcy laws introduced?

There are some new laws that deal with bankruptcy that were passed in 2005. The change the way that one has to go about declaring bankruptcy and how it should be solved.

Where can I find information on divorce laws for the state of Virginia online?

You can find information on the divorce laws for the state of Virginia by searching You can find alot of information at

Where can one find information about California drunk driving laws?

There are many places where one can find information about California drunk driving laws. One can find information about California drunk driving laws at popular on the web sources such as DMV CA and Nolo.

In the US bankruptcy laws are regulated by what?

In the USA the bankruptcy law is regulated by the Federal governs.

What qualifies you to declare bankruptcy?

There are General Federal Laws that govern Bankruptcy. Each state may have additional laws regarding bankruptcy. So Is Best to consult an attorney or financial adviser in your state.

Laws in Portugal?

i dont have a clue ?????Civil laws, corporate laws, etc, they have it all

Who can make laws governing bankruptcy?

The Congress.

Has the state of Michigan ever filed for bankruptcy?

No. No state has ever filed for bankruptcy. States are not coverd by current U.S. bankruptcy laws.

Does the constitution prohibit a state from declaring bankruptcy?

No, the only mention of bankruptcy is that Congress shall have the power to enforce uniform bankruptcy laws.

Where in California can someone find information on DUI laws?

California DUI laws can be found on the website for the California DMV. You can also find information on the privately owned DMV website, which covers every state's laws.

How do you find out information on lien holder laws in Georgia?

go to: find the state laws and look at the UCC section

Can my loans be discharged in bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy laws are complex. You will need to get correct answers from a competent attorney.

Where can one research business bankruptcy laws?

One can research business bankruptcy laws at sites like NYU and Georgetown University libraries that are online. They have a whole array of laws and cases to research.