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Q: Where can you find information about the Chem-Less electronic mineral ionizer?
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What are important uses for the mineral-Galena?

electronic devices

What are the categories on the 20 questions electronic game?

From memory, the three categories are animal, plant and mineral.

What is the definition of a mineral property?

Information on the properties of minerals.

What information about a mineral is needed to determine its density?

volume and mass

Which explorer used this mineral to find his way?

There is insufficient information to answer this question. What mineral? Also, it seems hard to imagine that only one explorer used a given mineral to find his/her way.

Where can I find information about the mineral diamond?

You can learn a lot about diamonds, below.

Where can I find more information on bone mineral density?

Bone Mineral Density tests measure the density of minerals in your bones to determine bone strength. This could often be found to be beneficial. However more information can be found at

Is mica a gemstone?

The mineral mica is not a gemstone. It is not considered a precious mineral or gem. It is a valuable mineral that has a number of applications, and it is likely you have some mica in your home now. Mica is used in the electronics industry as an insulator beneath semiconductor packages when they are mounted on heat sinks in consumer (and other) electronic equipment.

Exports of Netherlands?

The Netherlands had a variety of exports. The top exports of the Netherlands are mineral fuels, machinery, electronic equipment, organic chemicals, and plastics.

What are the major imports for Cuba?

Cuba mainly imports mineral fuels & oils, machinery, electric & electronic equipment, cereals, and vehicles. From, Erika

Is unknown opaque a non-metallic mineral?

You do not provide enough information for us to answer this question.

What are the export products of the Philippines?

Some export products of the Philippines are petroleum, mineral, electronic products, merchandise exports, and fresh and processed agriculture and marine products.

Is strontium a mineral?

Strontium is an element. Symbol Sr. See the link below for further information

How To Get Your Water Ionizer Flowing Again With A Thorough Cleaning?

If you have a water ionizer that does not seem to be putting out much more than a trickle of water when turned on, this may be a clear result of mineral build up on the electrodes of the unit. This is a normal condition that results with water ionizers after using them for twelve to twenty four months. Do not worry though because there is a simple way to clean these units to provide refreshing, clean water once again. To clean your water ionizer and remove the minerals that have built up, you will need white vinegar and a small fish tank pump or small water garden pump. If you do not have these items you can purchase a pump for as little as fifteen dollars. Step 1. For your safety you will first need to unplug your water ionizer from the electrical outlet. By blowing through the silver tube, inlet tube and acid tub, you need to remove as much water as possible from your water ionizer unit. You need to remove the filter also and shake the water out and then replace the filter securely in place before cleaning your unit. Step 2. Using any modifications that are necessary, you need to attach the water ionizers inlet hose to the pump so that the hose fits into the pump correctly. Place the entire pump into the white vinegar until the pump is submerged. Step 3. Plug the pump into the power source. It is preferred to use a ground fault outlet if possible. Step 4. To ensure that the entire unit is re-circulating, you need to place the silver tube and acid tube from the water ionizer into the white vinegar solution. Step 5. The vinegar will dissolve the calcium that is built up as it flows through the tubes. Step 6. Depending on the amount of minerals that are deposited on the electrodes it could take two to twelve hours to clean your entire water ionizer. Step 7. Once the vinegar has finished running through, you will need to reattach your water ionizer to the water source and flush the vinegar out of the unit with fresh water. Step 8. You can begin using your water ionizer unit again.

What cone-shaped mineral deposit hangs from the roof of a cave?

The cone-shaped mineral deposit that hangs from the roof of a cave is a stalactite. See the related question for more information.

A mineral is a what because it has a fixed composition?

This information is correct but not totally; frequently some differences in composition exist.

Where can I find a MINERAL STORE or MINERAL SHOP in NYC?

The BEST Mineral Shop in NYC is called ROCK STAR CRYSTALS. They have the largest selection of Mineral Specimens in both variety and quantity in all price ranges. Located in Manhattan, they are open every day. You can call them at 917 686 5518 or go to their website for more information.

How do you link harvest moon cute with friends of mineral town?

You can link Harvest Moon Cute with Friends of Mineral Town by signing into your account. This will ensure that both games share the same information.

What has the author Jocelyn A Peterson written?

Jocelyn A. Peterson has written: 'Arizona mineral-resource data' -- subject(s): Data processing, MRDS (Information retrieval system), Mines and mineral resources

What are Taiwan's major imports and exports?

Taiwan's major exports are high-tech electronic equipments, Machinery, Mineral fuels including oil, Optical, technical and medical apparatus

What does Philippines import?

Philippines is located in Southeast Asia. The commodities that Philippines import are: electronic products, machinery and transport equipment, mineral fuels, iron and steel, chemicals, and plastics.

What has the author Sandra J Ashe written?

Sandra J Ashe has written: 'Status of mineral resource information for the Chocktaw Nation Indian lands, Oklahoma' -- subject(s): Mines and mineral resources

What is corundum oxide?

Corundum is the 2nd hardest natural mineral discovered. For more information click on the related link.

Is gold mineral or non mineral?

It is a mineral.

Can a mineral be liquid?

No. A mineral must be solid to be a mineral. For example, liquid water is not a mineral. Frozen water, or ice, is a mineral.