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Western Field Firearms were made by various companies for Montgomery Ward. My cross-reference says M080 was a Savage model 29 or 75. That only narrows the date down to a 40 year period from 1928 to 1967. If it has an octagonal barrel and checkered pistol grip it was made prior to 1940 and if the barrel is round and the grip plain it was manufactured later. You could probably find out how many of these models Savage made, but I doubt if there are any existing records to determine how many were marked with the MW trade name. Value for the early models, according to the suggested prices in the Blue Book of Gun Values ranges from $125 for a well-used but serviceable gun to $325 for one that is 100% like new if it is a pre-1940 and from $65 to $235 if it is newer with the Savage name. Deduct 25-35% for the MW tradename.

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Q: Where can you find information about the Western Field mod 80 A 22 pump like years made how many value?
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What year was a western field M782 made?

They were made over several years. For more detailed information on them research the Mossberg 800b.

What were the years the years that western field M-815A proudced?

In the mid-1950 is when the western field M-815A was produced. The western field M-825A is the same as the JC Higgins model 85 witch both are unique model D2.

Who made the Western Field 47 and in what years was it made?

The Western Field 47 is a Mossberg model 45A and was manufactured in 1937 and 1938 only.

What is the value of a Western Field Model 15K 16 gauge bolt action full choke?

Its worth about 100-150 wait a few years and itll be worth more

In what years did FN produce rifles for Western Field?

All my records indicate that FN never made any firearms for Western Field (Montgomery Ward).

What is a model 37 western field worth and what year was it made?

Mossberg and sons made your Montgomery Wards(Western field) model 37.The Mossberg model 30 is the same rifle.These were made by Mossberg and sons between the years 1933-1935.The value of a Mossberg model 30 is between 45-100 dollars.

What years was the wards western field 93m-496a made?


How old is a Western field model 32-22?

Your western field model 32 is actually a mossberg model 20 or model 21.The mossberg model 20,21 was made by mossberg between the years 1933-1938,for the montgomery wards stores(western field brand name).

What is the age of the Western Field shotgun?

50 years, plus or minus 25.

How old is your western field model 31 22 lr pat afflofor?

Your Western field model 31 .22cal rifle was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards Company(Western Field).The Mossberg model 40 is the same firearm.The mossberg model 40 was made between the years 1933-1935.

Who owned western field?

Western Field was a trade name used by Montgomery Ward & Company on their firearms for many years. Guns were made for Montgomery Ward by both domestic and foreign gunmakers..........................

When was the Western Field 22 Rifle Model M820B manufactured?

The Western field model M820B was made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.The Mossberg model 340 is the same firearm that you have.these were made between the years 1958-1980 by Mossberg.

When was the western field m550c 20 ga made?

It was made by Mossberg & Sons out of New Haven ,Conn.......I own one that I bought in 1980....after all these years it is still my favorite gun........keep it like new and it will just increase in value....Tom

What is the value of a westernfield model m72da and when was it born it has whitetail engraved on each side and a lot of gold trim?

Your Western Field model M72da was made for Montgomery Wards(Western Field) by O.F.Mossberg and sons between the years 1972-1976.The Mossberg model 472PRA is the same rifle that you have.These were chambered in either 30-30Win,or 35 Remington,with either a 20in.(carbine) or 24in.barrel(rifle).

What is the year of a western field 45B 22?

Your Western Field model 45B .22cal rifle was produced by Mossberg and sons.The Mossberg model 26C is the same rifle.Mossberg produced the Model 26C between the years 1938-1941.

How old Western Field 16 gauge model 19 serial 77985X4?

83 years old

What is the age and value of a Western Field Model 30 serial 6098 manufactured by Browning?

First, it was manufactured by Stevens; they bought the rights from Browning. It could be close to 100 years old but at least 75. They sell for 100-200 dollars.

Who made the Western Field 3030 M72 lever action for Montgomery Ward and in what years?

Mossberg, mid '70s.

What is the age and value of a 12 GA Browning Western Field Pump Shotgun - serial 19915B these shotguns I believe were sold by or at Western Auto Stores?

These shotguns were sold by Montgomery Ward. Montgomery Ward awarded cotracts to gun manufacturers. I don't know what years Browning produced these guns nor do I know their values. Ed

What years did the western Field XNH-565-C run?

Your western Field firearm model 565-c was made by the firm Noble.It is the model 60-66.Noble was in business from 1953-1971.They made semi-auto,lever and slide action rifles,along with slide action shotguns.They also imported Spanish made shotguns during this time frame.Your firearm was also made sometime during these years for Montgomery Wards(Western Field).

What years did western field make guns?

Wester Field did not make guns, they sold guns manufactured by Marlin, Winchester, Hi Standard, and others through the 1970's.

What is the value of a Wards Western Fields 93M-497A in working and good condition?

your wards firearm is actually a mossberg model 42C that was made by mossberg for montgomery wards(Western field).The mossberg model 42C was made between the years 1938-1941.These range in price from 65-175 dollars,depending on condition and a good bore.

What age is wards western field No. 47a?

Made 1937-1938,The age would be 75-76 years old.

How old is a Wards Western Field Model 10SD247A 16 gage shotgun?

60 years give or take a couple

What is the age and value of a Western Field shotgun?

In hard times.In 1920, my grandfather, who lived in Canada at that time, traded a 5 gallon bucket of milk for a 20 guage model 30, Western Field made by Montgomery Ward.I still have that gun today, although it needs a fireing pin.The last time I used it, I was 12 years old. That is going on 53 years ago. I killed 3 swans. Boy, was my Dad pissed.