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Mossberg or Savage/Stevens? Any particular model?

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โˆ™ 2006-06-24 11:56:04
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Q: Where can you find information on a bolt action 410 shotgun with a clip?
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Where can you find a model 55 bolt action clip?

Need the maker of the shotgun

12 gauge bolt action shotgun with a clip its a Marlin what is it worth?


Need bolt and clip for western field model 228 fr bolt action 16 ga. shotgun?

have good 16ga no clip shoots good model 228

Where can you get parts for your Montgomery ward western field pump action shotgun model m550?

who made montgomery wards bolt action 20 ga shotgun with a clip.

What years were the model 258B bolt action shotgun made and where can you find a clip?

1937-1965. Parts at

What is the value of a Stevens model 58-12 gauge shot gun made by savage arms in chicopee falls Massachusetts. This is a bolt action with clip that holds 2 shells.?

this is a bolt action shotgun

What is the value of a 410 bolt action with a 3-shot clip?

A 410 bolt action with a 3-shot clip is value at $80.00

Were can you order a replacement clip for an American Eagle bolt action 16 Ga shotgun model 32?

numrich gun parts

What is the value of a 410 Savage Springfield Model 18c bolt-action shotgun with a 5 round clip?

well i just payed 100 dollars for one without a clip

Is there any value to a clip fed bolt action 12 ga shotgun by JC Higgins?

Should be worth from $75 to $150, depending on condition.

What is the value of a mossberg 385t 20ga shotgun?

about $100 if its complete, clip and all. not many people are looking for a bolt action 20g. there is one on

Where can I get a clip to a J Stevens 20 Ga shotgun bolt action model 258A?

I would try numrich gun parts corp.first.they can be found on the web.

Does anyone have a clip for a Stevens 258B bolt action 20 gauge shotgun?

Check with Savage Arms (They bought Stevens in 1920) You can also check gunpartscorp website.

What is a good estimate for a Mossberg model 190K-A 16 gauge bolt action 3 shot clip shotgun with a variable choke?

$50 to $100 depending on condition.

Were to buy 3 round clip for a 12 gauge bolt action?

There were several different MAKES of bolt action shotguns, and the magazines do not interchange. If you repost your question with the make and model, we can give you a much better answer. IF the shotgun is a Mossberg (one of the more common bolt actions) you can check the website for Havlin Sales.

Are the bolt assemblies on a Remington 580 and 581 interchangeable?

Yes they are interchangeable. The 580 is a single shot bolt action and the 581 is a clip fed bolt action.

Have a Stevens Model 58 16 GA bolt action shotgun with a 2 shell clip and looking for a clip that holds more shells. Does anyone know if they were ever manufactured and if so where to find one?


Where can you get a replacement clip for Sears bolt action 22 cal model 42-103?

where can you get a bolt and clip for jc Higgins 22cal model42-103

Information on a model 20 bolt action 22 caliber clip fed rifle.?

Minimal value 40-100 USD or so

What is the Value of a ranger 410 3 clip shotgun 404.46 inch bolt?

50-100 USD

Is there any Clip for 20 gauge westernfield bolt action?

i have a 20ga wards western field 14m 215a it has 3shell clip

Where can you find a clip for a Gamester 349 16 gauge shotgun?

I have no idea, but I also have a 16 gauge bolt action shotgun that needs a clip so if you find a place to look please let me know. The H&R Gamester boltaction shotgun never used a clip. It is a tubular fed 3-shot shotgun made in 12 and 16 gauges. I have one (model 348) which is the same as the model 349 Gamester minus the adjustable choke. Numrich Arms has most parts for this shotgun. You can purchase the magazine parts you need to make it a repeater.

Who makes the 30 06 bolt action rifle with the clip on the side of the gun?

no one.

Where can you find information about a Western Field shotgun model m1751 bolt action 20 gauge with a three shot clip?

I'll assume you mean a M175, if so it cross references over to Mossberg 385K bolt action 20 gauge shot gun, check this link, they can be had for around $28 on this web site.

What is the age and value of a 12 gauge Western Field shotgun Model EMN 175 bolt action with a clip and poly choke?

As of tonight, my Internet searches have shown my dad's gun to be worth $80-100.