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Textbooks on American History are a great source. Bookstores offer a variety of books dealing with the American Revolution. Sources like '' offer a cache of information concerning the Acts of Rebellion and the war.

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Q: Where can you find information on the Acts of Rebellion?
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Which british colonial policies led to early colonial rebellion?

Navigation acts, taxation acts (stamp act, tea act) , decloratory acts,

Where was the whisky rebellion?

Pennsylvania. Click the link below for more information about the Rebellion.

Why did the culpeper rebellion take place?

To protest against the British Navigation Acts.

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How did the coercive acts leads to colonial unity?

Parliament passed four acts in 1774 aimed specifically at what was seen as the hotbed of rebellion, Boston.

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What is the significant of the Coercive Act?

Parliament passed four acts in 1774 aimed specifically at what was seen as the hotbed of rebellion, Boston. These measures were called the Intolerable Acts by the colonists.

Who offered a pardon for all illegal acts during rebellion after the civil war?

president abe lincoln

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Which did not increase tensions in French-American relations?

The Whiskey Rebellion The Kentucky Resolution The Alien and Sedition Acts

What year did the shay's rebellion occur?

Shay's Rebellion started on August 29, 1786 and ended in 1787. For more information, check out the related link.

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Who was the first colony in the Revolutionary War?

Massachusetts was the first state to rise in rebellion against draconian coercive acts imposed by Britain as a reaction to Boston tea party. In 1775 British Parliament declared that Massachusetts was in a state of rebellion.

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What similarity can you find between Shay's Rebellion and the American revolution?


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What historical events contributed to the writing of the U.S. Constitution?

* The Magna Carta * The Mayflower Compact * The Declaration of Independence * The Articles of Confederation * The Federalist Papers * The Intolerable Acts (also known as the British Coercive Acts) * and Shay's Rebellion

How did Colonists react to the Townshend Act?

Initially the colonists were confused about what to do about the Townshend Acts. However, a lawyer, John Dickinson published a pamphlet known as "Letters From A Pennsylvania Farmer" which was widely read and helped spark rebellion against the acts.

Persons who led the 1763 rebellion in berbice to revolts?

hi every one I'm trying to find out the majour persons involed the the berbice rebellion in 1763

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What pushed the American colonies over the edge from tax protests to violent rebellion?

The Coercive Acts and the Quebec Acts passed by British Parliament in 1774. These two acts were dubbed the intolerable acts by Colonial leaders and led to a unified opposition of British government, a renewed boycott of British imported goods, and the assembly of the First Continental Congress on September 5th, 1774.

Compare shays rebellion with the whisky rebellion?

Shay's rebellion and the Whisky rebellion were both armed rebellion over taxes.

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