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You may try looking on all of the sites on "Buckminster Fuller" or "bucky balls". Buckminster was the originator of the geodesic dome. There might be some valid information connected with his name. I've built a couple of geodesic domes and in both cases, had them roofed by a roofing contractor who specializes in geo-dome roofing. He travels throughout the US and Canada roofing new domes and replacing roofs on those that were poorly done by others. Putting roofing on a geodesic dome, while not terribly complicated, is a little different than roofing traditionally pitched roofs with the occasional hip or valley or ridge or pitch change. The pentagons of a dome are constructed of triangles, each meeting the adjoining triangle on a different plane, creating a network of hips. To roof these effectively requires attention to detail and knowing to lace each course of shingles on each triangle well onto it's neighbor. I, personally, would be reluctant to roof a geodesic dome as a DIY project, and I've done quite a bit of roofing over the years.

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Q: Where can you find instructions on how to shingle a geodesic dome home?
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