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Steelton , Pa.

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Q: Where can you find major H Winfield Funeral Home Inc in the US?
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Can I find obituaries online ?

You may find a person's obituary on the website of a newspaper. You may also find the obituary at the website of the funeral home handling the funeral of the deceased person.

Where can you find pictures of Colettas Funeral home that used to exist at 2601 S Wentworth in Chicago?

You might be able to find the information you seek from the funeral home given in the Related Links section, below.

Is there a site where I can look to find funeral jobs?

The National Funeral Director's Association ( has a job listing section which specializes in funeral home positions. Search their Funeral Career Center by keyword, location or job type to find the perfect position.

Where can find Holy Water?

You can find holy water in a Catholic Church, Cathedral, or funeral home.

Where can you buy a DVD of george Jones funeral?

You can find DVDs of the George Jones funeral online on major shopping websites. It is not available in stores.

How can I find out if a funeral home has sold a relatives organs to defray the funeral cost?

By the time the body gets to the funeral home too much time will have passed for the organs to be of any value. Even if they were, it would not be worth the risk of adverse publicity for the funeral director to consider harvesting them.

Are there any sources which give comparisons of funeral home services?

There are several websites that offer reviews of funeral homes. A search engine can also be used to find local funeral homes and reviews of them.

Where can I find a list of companies who specialise in funeral planning?

Locally, Weaver Funeral Home is very popular. Blevins Funeral Home is also good and is a little cheaper. The Yellow Pages list them all, there is no shortage as everybody needs one sooner or later!

Do phlebotomist work in funeral homes?

No because the "patients" you will find at a funeral home no longer have a working blood flow. A coroner will handle all tests needed to be preformed.

How do you find a job in a funeral home in Newport gwent?

i dont know but if u get to know , share pls

Where can you find pictures of Selena's funeral?

There are many pictures of Selena's funeral on the Internet and there are several videos of her funeral on You Tube.

Burial policy with national burial ins what funeral home do you use in Memphis Tn?

Not sure but you may try Roller Citizens Funeral home. My Great-Aunt has this and I am just starting to try to find out myself.

How do you send a dead body to another country?

First, call a funeral home you are comfortable with. They will get you a death certificate from a doctor in case the deceased person died of an illness. The same funeral home will contact the embassy or consulate of the country you want to send the body to. they have to get a few documents from them and find out if embalming is needed or not depending on the country/airline. After getting all the documents: passport, death certificate, birth certificate, ID, etc, the funeral home books a space with an airline company going to the country of destination, and they transport the body to the airport. I hope this will help. I didn't mention price because it all depends on the funeral home charges, transportation from home to funeral home, refrigeration, airline, distance, etc.

Which cemetery is your grandmother buried in?

When looking for a family member's or ancestor's final resting place, find outwhere the person went to churchwhich funeral home handled the burialOften, a person was buried in an official cemetery connected to the church they attended. If not, the funeral director often has old records for burials; just write to the funeral home.Also look for an obituary, which often gives the cemetery name.

Where can I find Alternative Personal Funeral Services in the state of California?

There is no listing for alternative personal funeral services in California. I suggest speaking with a funeral director about your plans.

Greece major industries what area of Greece are they in?

When you get home you will find your mother is a hedgehog.

Where can you find cheap cremation and funeral expence?

A person can find a cheap cremation and funeral expenses by checking with a few different funeral homes in their area. They may also want to check into life insurance to cover some of the costs.

Income yearly for a funeral director in IL?

Hi there. I am unable to find specific salary statistics for the state of Illinois; however, as a funeral director in the US you can expect to make between $30,000 to $65,000 a year. With years of experience, you might even make more than that and if you own the funeral home the possibilities go up.

Where can one find a home insurance agent?

There are many ways that a home owner can find a home insurance agent. The best way to find a home insurance agent is to go to any major insurance company like Progressive and they'll give you one.

Ways to Search for a Funeral Director Position?

A funeral director is one of the most well-known positions in the realm of funeral jobs. Funeral directors have a number of responsibilities, but the most important one is to help families to arrange the details of funerals. Funeral directors talk with family members of a deceased person to find out what they want to include in the person's funeral service. Once a person has received the education and licensing necessary to become a funeral director, he or she may need some direction on how to find a job position. The following offers some information to talented funeral directors looking for work. A qualified funeral director in search of work may want to visit the websites of some local funeral homes. Funeral home websites sometimes have a section with a list of available job positions. Also, a job applicant can get the name and address of the funeral home from the website in order to submit a resume. It's wise for a job candidate to look for the name of the person who owns the funeral home so he or she can direct the resume to the proper individual. Next, a funeral director in search of work can subscribe to an industry publication that provides information on funeral job positions. Many funeral associations and organizations have online publications that are open to people working in the funeral industry. Of course, a person who is willing to move to another area where there are funeral director jobs open is increasing his or her chances of landing work. Funeral industry publications can be helpful to job candidates in many other ways. They can be educational and informative for someone who wants to be aware of the latest developments in the career field. Finally, a funeral director who is looking for a job should contact the career center at his or her school. In many cases, they have career counselors and resources that can help a person to find a position. Plus, former students may want to speak with their instructors at the school. They can often assist former students in contacting funeral homes that need workers.

Where could you find Eddie guererro's funeral pictures?

go to google and type in eddie gurrero funeral pictures or pics

Where can one buy a DVD of Whitney Houston's funeral?

To buy whitney's funeral you will go to the movie store in 2013 and there you will find it

Can you make your own coffin?

You can make your own coffin, the problem is finding a funeral home that will let you use it. They are in business to make money and coffins are the major part of that. The way the laws are most places, a body has to be handled by a funeral home and if it stays longer than a day it has to be embalmed. The exception to this is first day cremation, but they use a cardboard coffin with a wood floor in it to reduce the time it takes to cremate someone. It's not impossible to do, but it is probably going to take some effort to find someone who will let you use your own coffin.

What is the median salary of a funeral director?

Hi there. I have been unable to find the median income of funeral directors in UK; however, in the US the median income for a funeral director has been reported as $48,592.

Will George Jones funeral be replayed on TV in the near future as many viewers missed and were work?

George Jones funeral will not be replayed on the television. You may be able to find the funeral on some websites.