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There are lots of men out there that are very attracted to a plus-size pretty woman. A survey was taken here in British Columbia, Canada and many of the men said, "I like a full-bodied woman with some meat on her bones, because I'm sick of these pencil thin girls that hardly eat when you take them out to dinner. I find them rather shallow!" Yup, that's a quoted statement from many men here. Look at Queen LaTeffa(?) I find her striking and she's one big-boned and plus-sized woman, but she has a beautiful face, well toned body and dresses sexy and with good taste. Go to clubs, or go to a good dating service (they can be great for finding that special someone that will appreciate you.) Beware! Do your homework on these dating services and be sure it's safe and their clients are protected. You can meet men through friends or even acquaintences. Go for it girl! You've got the right attitude. Good luck Marcy

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Q: Where can you find men interested in dating a plus-size pretty woman?
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