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Where can you find parts for a Western Field 22?


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2004-02-17 11:46:29
2004-02-17 11:46:29

This is a Mossberg 42 marked with the Montgomery Ward trade name. It would have been made in the 1940's. Your local gunsmith should be able to find parts, but if it needs many, repairs may cost more than the gun is worth (but maybe not more than its sentimental value).


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Your gun is a Savage model 620. Try for parts.

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The Western Field mod SD57 was manufactued by Stevens as their model 87. Limited parts are available from Look around for other sources.

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The Western Field 808's were a Savage Mod 87. Check

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If there are parts out there these people most likely have them. Numrich Gun Parts Corp. I have used them several times and there good people to deal with.

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