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I have one here. It is shootable. I have trouble injecting a shell in the chamber once in a while...

2009-05-06 19:04:59
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Q: Where can you find parts for a Western Field Model M820A 22 S-L-LR?
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Where can you find parts for a 22 LR Western Field Model 31?

Your gun is a Savage model 620. Try for parts.

Where can bolt parts be found for a Western Field Model 36B single shot rifle?

A Western field model 36B was made by mossberg.The mossberg firm actually made 2 models that was designated western field model 36B.One was the mossberg model 25A,and the other was the mossberg model 10.These are the models that you would at for parts to your westernfield model 36B.I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

Where can you get parts for wards western field 04m 489b?

Your western field model 04M-489B was made by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 50 is the same firearm.These parts should be found at Numrich gun parts corp.They may be found on the web.

What company made the Western Field Model XNH 806?

Nobel model 20 is the same gun for parts.

Were can you get parts for western field m72 30-30?

Your western field M72 was made for Montgomery Wards by Mossberg.It is the Mossberg model 472PRA.I would contact them directly for availability of parts.

Are parts available for a Western Field Model 30 marked Browning patent and U33363?

Yes. We have a good supply of parts for that model.

How do you find parts for your Western Field sd57 22 rifle?

The Western Field mod SD57 was manufactued by Stevens as their model 87. Limited parts are available from Look around for other sources.

Where can you get parts for a Western Field SD59A model 22?

That rifle was manufactured by Savage/Stevens. We carry parts.

Were can you find parts for your Western field Model 771A EHM 270?

try numrich gun parts corp,they are on the web.

Where can parts for a wards western field 22 rifle model 24m431a be found?

Your rifle was made by Mossberg for the Montgomery Wards company(Western Field).It could be a model 44,or model 40.or even the model 26C.I would look to Numrich gun parts corp.for parts.They may be found on the web.

Who made a Western Field model 850 22 rifle?

Western Field model 850 22lr sa rifle can be cross-referenced to the Mossberg model 353. Check out for a complete listing of available parts including magazines.

Where you can find parts for a western field sb 808m 22 semiautomatic?

I would start my search at Numrich gun parts corp.They can be found on the web.The westernfield model 808m was made by stevens firearm company.The stevens model 87 is the same gun as your western field 808m.

Where can you find parts for a western field 12 gauge pump shotgun?

Go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.It will be helpful if you know the original maker of your shotgun,as all guns that were made under the Western Field name(Montgomery Wards) were made by outside firms for Montgomery Wards.If you list the model number of your western Field shotgun,this can be cross referenced to the original maker and help you get the right model of shotgun to locate parts.

Who manufactured of Western Field Model 59 rifle?

The Western Field Model 59/59A is one of a family of .22 rifles manufactured by Savage. Check for a schematic of the Savage 6A, 6AB and 6C for a comparison and parts numbers.

Who is the manufacturer of the Western Field mod 228-fr?

The model 228FR was made by kessler under model number 128.Most parts are interchangeable with the model 30C.

Where can I fine parts for a Wards Western Field Model 16M 20 gauge Bolt Action Shotgun?

There are several types of gun stores that sell parts for different types of shotguns including models by Western Field. There are also online retailers like Amazon that sell these parts.

What is a Western Field Model M 550 ABD?

A Western Field 550 ABD is a Mossberg 500 that was made for Montgomery Wards. They are the same gun and all parts/ accessories for the Mossberg 500 will interchange.

Who made the western field pump 12 gauge model 550 AL?

Mossberg. It was sold through Montgomery wards. Its a Mossberg 500 with the western field name. All Mossberg parts interchange.

Who manufactured the Wards Western Field Model 52 SD51A 16 gauge side by side and where can you buy parts for it?

It's a Stevens, and we have parts.

What butt stock will fit a 12GA western field M172B?

your western field shotgun was made for Montgomery wards by mossberg.There model number was 395K.I would look at numrich gun parts corp, or maybe E-gun parts,Both are on the web.

Who manufactured the 22 caliber Wards Western Field Model 62 and where can you get parts?

The Wards Westernfield Model 62 .22 single shot rifle is a Stevens Model 83. Parts can be located @ Numrich Arms Corp. (

Where can you get parts for a western field model 740a 30 cal rifle?

A Westernfield model 740 is a Marlin model 336. For parts, try: Numrich Jack First Bob's Gun Shop

Where can parts be found for a Western Field 22 LR model M855?

I am looking for the part that goes over the front of the barrel and stock the you connect the sling to can anyone help me?Your Western Field model 855,was made by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 353 and your firearm are one and the same.All parts will inter change.If you wish to email me directly,I could provide a few direct searches for you.

Can you buy a firing pin for western field model 50?

You should be able to.Your western field model 50 was made for montgomery wards by glenfield/marlin.The model 60 glenfield is the same firearm,and Numrich gun parts corp.should be able to help you.They may be found on the web.

You want to attach a scope to your Western Field 30.30 What mounting kit should you use for a Western Field 30.30 model M72C?

The Western Field model 72 lever-action rifle was made by Mossberg and generally resembled the Marlin 336. These two rifles are not the same an no parts interchange EXCEPT for the scope mounts. The same bases that work on the Marlin 336 will work on the Western Field (or Mossberg or Revelation versions).