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Where can you find photographs of frogs?

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If you want to find awesome pictures of frogs, go to any search engine,(Google, etc.), and type in "beautiful rainforest frogs" then you will find great pictures.

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Where can you find pictures of tree frogs?

I would go to goggle images and type in tree frogs. You will find many pictures of tree frogs there.

Why will you not find frogs in sea?

Frogs are not adapted to live in saltwater.

Where do you find frogs?

You find frogs and toads at Wetland areas. Such as in ponds, under moist logs, and at creeks.

Why will you not find frogs in the sea?

Frogs are not adapted to live in salt water.

Were can you find frogs?

Frogs can be found on every continent but Antarctica.

How do frogs find their food?

they find their food in the pond

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Do deer eat frogs if they can not find food?

No deers are herbivorous and never eat frogs.

What of the pixie hollow wilderness do you find frogs?

Frogs can be found in any of the Wilderness areas.

Why are frogs attracted to a pool?

Frogs are attracted to a pool because they need water and poos also are where frogs find insects to eat.

Where can you not find frogs?

antarctica antarctica

Where can you find tadpoles and frogs?

in a lake

Where can you find photographs of a yellow spotted lizard?

on google images

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You can find a number of jokes on frogs at

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What small animals can you find in the rainforest?


What country would you find frogs?


How do tree frogs find their food?

by jumping

Can you find frogs or turtles after it rains?


Where do tree frogs find their food?

from a tree.

What is a frogs means of locomotion in water?

The frogs reason for locomotion on land is to find food and lay their eggs

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