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Where can you find replacement pour spout caps for Gott Rubbermaid gas cans?

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you can find them in almost any tools/hardware store like Walmart Supercenter, Home Depot, Lowe's, or Menards. hope this helped

2020-04-13 19:25:38
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Where can you find cap and spout for Gott No 1250?

Gott no longer makes any cans but the metal safety cans, so the parts to one of the older plastic ones are available only from dealer stock. Try an older hardware store would be my suggestion.

Where can you find replacement vent caps for Rubbermaid gas cans?

walmart or lowes or a home depot pretty much any home improvement store

Where can you find vent caps for rubbermaid 6 gallon gas cans or blitz gas cans?

ACCORDING TO ALL SOURCES IN THE HARDWARE STORE WHERE I WORK THOSE CANS ARE ILLEGAL NOW. YOU HAVE TO USE THE UNVENTED CANS NOW; ITS A SAFETY THING. AND SINCE THE CANS ARE NO LONGER "LEGAL" YOU CAN NO LONGER BUY THE PARTS EITHER SO UNLESS YOU HAVE A NEIGHBOR THATS GETTING RID OF ONE...GOOD LUCK Not all states have made these illegal. C.A.R.B. (California Air Regulatory Board) has created regulations for gas cans, but not all states have adopted these regulations. However manufacturers, wanting to sell their cans in all states have buckled under to these regulations. The CARB regulations fall far short on functionality and only have emission related guidlines for cans. You can find parts available for Sceptor and Wedco cans (ie. vent caps, nozzles, etc.) from ACE Hardware. These parts may be able to be used on other cans as well. for the original Rubbermaid Spout set. 12.95 Each set or 29.95 for 3 sets. It is not illegal to sell the spouts it's just that the manufactures would rather have you purchase a new container with a spout than sell you a replacement part.

Why can't I buy a new gas can spout for my gas can in Maryland?

New gas cans have been developed which are said to reduce emissions from the cans. Because of strict regulations in place to prevent too many emissions, it is now not permissible to buy replacement nozzles because of the potential for improper fit.

Where can I find replacement trash cans for Omega cabinets?

Omega purchases its trash cans from Rev-a-Shelf.

Where can you find replacement pour spouts for Craftsman gas cans?


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