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Where can you find schematics for an old J Stevens pump 22 octogonal barrel rifle?

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Go to and look through the schematics.

2006-08-02 10:55:16
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Are schematics available for a model 12 octagon barrel 22 cal pump rifle?

Depends on what you have.

Where can you find information and images of a Stevens model 311 lever action rifle?

The Stevens 311 is a double barrel shotgun.

Is a replacement barrel available for a Stevens marksman 22 rifle sn f 102?


How old is a crack barrel J Stevens Marksman 12 22 rifle?

More information needed.

What is a Stevens arms model 287?

A Stevens Arms Model 287 is a Semi-Automatic .22 Cal Rifle. Ammo is fed thru a tube that under the barrel.

Where can you find parts for Stevens model 75 22 rifle?

HI I have a Stevens 22 long single shot. I like to have a .17 HMR or a .17HM2 Barrel on it will it work

Any info on a Stevens 53 D buckhorn rifle?

Single shot, 24"barrel, value from 50-150 depending on condition.

What is the value of a J Stevens 32-cal octagon barrel rifle patented in 1884 SN 1788?

About 600 to 700 dollors

How do you shoot a Stevens 22 rifle single shot 15-a?

if you dont know that then you should not own it.... the barrel should break over and you load it there

Do you still make the gun with the interchangeable rifle and shotgun barrel?

I do not personally, but yes, there is a single shot rifle that can have the rifle barrel replaced with a shotgun barrel.

What year is model 72 octagon barrel savage rifle?

hello how old is my savage model 72 seral # isb195687.The savage/stevens model 72 crackshot rifle was made from 1972-1989.Your rifle has a 22in.octagon barrel,and is chambered in .22 long rifle caliber.It has a color case hardened frame,straight stock,and open sights.

Where can you find a replacement barrel for a Stevens model 62 22LR rifle?

try looking on numrich gun parts they will have replacement parts including barrels.

What is the barrel contour for your rifle?

That term refers to the outline shape of the outside of a rifle barrel.

Will a Springfield Model 83 Bolt Action 22 Cal J Stevens fire long rifle catridges?

My Springfield model 83 ( J Stevens) is stamped 22 Short, Long and Long Rifle on Barrel. If yours is as well, then yes, it would fire LR rounds.

What was the name of the knife attached to the barrel of a rifle?

A bayonet is the name of a knife attached to the barrel of a rifle.

How much is a 27 Stevens rifle worth?

Impossible to answer without a DETAILED description of finish, barrel length, sights, box, accessories, papers, history, etc..

How can you identify a 22 caliber Ranger pump action rifle marked 22 SL LR on the barrel?

Made by Stevens before World War II.

What is the value of a 1911 model 90 22 with an octogonal barrel no seril great condition?

can not answer this with out looking at the rifle. Bore condition is key to value and bore scope is needed to give details. Suggest you find a gunsmith to inspect this. Auction house that specializes in firearms can help.

What is the value of a Stevens model 52 22 lr rifle?

stevens arms co favoite 22 long rifle

Can you shoot rifle slugs though rifle barrel?


How do you find the age of a Remington model 4 octagon barrel with no serial number?

The Remington model 4 rolling block rifle was made between 1890-1933.If you have a model 4S military rifle,then these were made by Remington from 1913-1923.your rifle has either a 22.5in barrel,or a 24in barrel.These were chambered in .22,.25 Stevens,or 32 caliber.

When was model 89 savage arms rifle made?

If we are talking about a lever action single shot ,22cal rifle,with a 18in barrel,and Martini style action?These savage/stevens model 89 rifles were made in 1976.

How is a rifle barrel different from a shotgun barrel?

One difference is that the inside of a shotgun barrel is smooth and the inside of a rifle barrel is what they call "fluted" which puts rotation on the bullet as it moves though the barrel.

Information on the m16 assault rifle?

The Black Rifle by Blake Stevens

How much is a Savage Arms model 71 Stevens favorite worth?

How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ? How much is a savage Stevens favorite rifle model 71 worth ?