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What are the sat score required for Princeton?

If you go on you can find the scores.

Is it possible to predict sat score from ones psat scores?

Multiply your selection index (which is your total score) by 10 to find your predicted SAT score. If you want to find your predicited score for the "old" SAT, just add the scores from your Math and Critical reading sections together and multiply that number by ten.

What SAT score do you need to get into Oklahoma University?

39% SAT scores or 88% ACT scores

What is the highest SAT score?

The maximum SAT score is 2400 (800 for each of the 3 sections). The average score for the SAT is about 1500, so in this case, an SAT score of 1540 is about around the 50th percentile - that is, about 50% of the scores were higher, and about 50% of the scores were lower.

How do you interpret SAT scores?

SAT scores are interpreted on the highest to the lowest. The higher the score the better you have done. If your score is low, it means that you did very poorly.

What is the average sat scores?

SAT scores are used by universities to gauge the viability of potential applicants. For 2013, the average SAT score was a 1498.

How do ptsa scores differ from SAT scores?

PSAT scores give you a general idea of what score you would make on the SAT. Adding a zero to your PSAT score gives you a ballpark number of what you would make on the real thing. The highest score possible on the PSAT is a 240, while the highest score on the SAT is a 2400. The PSAT is not an acceptable test to send to colleges in place of SAT scores. However, the PSAT can earn you recognition with scholarships for making a high enough score.

What do your SAT scores mean?

it means your score fore a test

Minimum SAT score for Stanford?

The minimum SAT score needed to be accepted at Stanford is 2070. This is the combination of all 3 scores.

What are the SAT score requirements for University of Alabama?

SAT verbal scores over 500 75%, SAT math scores over 500 76%, SAT verbal scores over 600 36%, SAT math scores over 600 34%, SAT verbal scores over 700 10%, SAT math scores over 700 10%, and also the GPA must be 3.4 or better.

What if I forgot to send sat score report along with my UC Application?

You should send your SAT scores with your application. You have to order your SAT scores and the issuing organization sends them to the school.

Where can you find SAT scores from 1994?

Download Archived score report order form and fill it completely. send it to the address in instruction. will receive the score by mail.

What did Michelle Obama score on the SAT?

She has not released her scores to the general public.

How do you calculate total sat score?

Add the scores from the individual tests.

Can you combine different SAT test scores for overall score?

no sab

Where online can I look up the highest possible SAT score?

The highest SAT scores can be found at Visit the site and find the scores of all the states. It is very important to get a high score to get a good seat and also a good scholarship. wish u good luck

Where can you find your SAT scores from 1971?

The College Board archives old test scores. You can obtain the old score for a fee of $30 by filling out the form at their web site.

What are the academic requirements to get into Yale including ACT and SAT scores?

The average SAT score for Harvard is a 2200.

How do you obtain an old sat score?

What is the average sat score for students in Howard university?

Test Scores for 2006-2007 SAT verbal scores over 500 70%, SAT math scores over 500 66%, ACT scores over 18 94%, SAT verbal scores over 600 25%, SAT math scores over 600 21%, ACT scores over 24 33%, SAT verbal scores over 700 4%, SAT math scores over 700 3%, ACT scores over 30 2%

What is the minimum SAT score required to into Boston University with a GPA of 4.0 or greater?

* Test scores SAT verbal scores over 500 96%, SAT math scores over 500 100%, ACT scores over 18 100%, SAT verbal scores over 600 69%, SAT math scores over 600 79%, ACT scores over 24 90%, SAT verbal scores over 700 19%, SAT math scores over 700 24%, ACT scores over 30 29%

Information about sat score interpretation.?

Websites such as: and will give you all the information you would ever desire about SAT score interpretation.

What are the SAT score requirements for colleges?

SAT score requirements vary drastically, and while some top-notch colleges require high scores, there are many schools that hardly pay any attention to the scores.

What is score choice for sat?

Score choice allows you to pick your top scores from each section of all the SAT tests you took combined. Some colleges do not allow score choice, so make sure you do your research before sending scores.

What is the max score you can get on the SAT?

The SAT is comprised of 3 sections: Math, Writing (Essay), and Critical Reading. Each of these 3 sections can score a maximum of 800 points. These three scores are added to make the maximum SAT score 2400. According to Harvard's acceptance statistics, they accept students with SAT scores in the range of 2080 - 2370. That should give you a decent measurement of what a *really* good SAT score is.