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I would try they have everything

2006-07-18 17:07:12
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How much of a deal is someone likely to get on a Lexus?

Depending on where you go. That would be the main factor to help better answer your question. Just be aware that the salesman isn't trying to rip you off, ask for the car facts, if available.

Where are the timing marks on 93 Lexus es 300?

hi im trying to find the timing order on a 94 lexus es 300

Where is the starter located on a 95 LS400 Lexus?

where is the starter located on a 95 ls 400 lexus? and what tools a need to change it? underneath the intake, sucks but it can be changed out within a couple hours if you are knowledgeable

How much do lexus car salesman make?

around 10 laks per day. shocked eh? actually if they even sell 1 car in a day they earn a lot of money. by air

Who makes more money Toyota salesman or Acura salesman?

While it varies a lot, typically luxury car salesman make more than other manufacturers. Toyota and Honda salesman make about the same on average and Lexus and Acura salesman do quite a bit better. The cars are more expensive and there's a lot more gross (profit) in each car. Salesman are usually paid a percentage of the profit on each car sold, and although the Acura dealership will sell fewer cars than a Toyota dealership, the Acura salesman should make more. A good quantification would be a Toyota salesman sells 12 Toyotas a month with an average commission of $300 per vehicle. His monthly pay is $3600. The Acura salesman across the street sold only 8 Acuras, but the average commission was $600 per vehicle. He makes $4800 a month. From my experience in the car business, these numbers are probably very accurate

What is the mission statement of Lexus?

mission statement of lexus. mission statement of lexus. mission statement of lexus. mission statement of lexus.

What kind of website is ClubLexus?

Club Lexus is an enthusiast website for owners of a Lexus vehicle and people who are interested in Lexus vehicles. Club Lexus is the largest Lexus enthusiast website.

What is Spanish word for Lexus?


What is the Lexus symbol?

The Lexus symble is

How do you open drivers door on 1993 Lexus 300 es I locked the keys in car. When I used a coat hanger to try to unlock from manual lock the alarm went off and now I cannot open the door from outside?

keep trying it will unlock it takes a couple times of unlocking it when the alarm goes off.

Since the Lexus IS300 is no longer being made what would be a better place to buy one a used car salesman or the Internet?

Probably a used car salesman because you can see the condition of the car's engine and its interior, you can give it a test drive and you don't have to wait for delivery. If anyone thinks that it is better to buy it off the Internet please write an improved answer under my answer.

Why did Toyota make Lexus?

toyota make lexus because lexus have more functions

Who makes Lexus?

Lexus is a division of Toyota

When was Lexus IS created?

Lexus IS was created in 1998.

Can the Lexus gx470 be flat towed behind an RV?

No, you can not tow Lexus GX. It is not recommended by Lexus.

Where in Canada are Lexus cars made?

Lexus cars are made at the Lexus Toyota Plant in Tennessee

What company makes the car Lexus?

Toyota Makes Lexus ,A crazy fact in Japan where Lexus and Toyota's are made , Lexus don't exist almost every Lexus model is a Toyota model in japan

Where can one see images of the LS430 Lexus?

One can see images of the LS430 Lexus by going to the Lexus website. The website has images of all models of Lexus cars, which includes the LS430 Lexus model.

What services do Mcgrath Lexus offer?

"McGarth Lexus offers services for all Lexus vehicles. From Financing to your tune-ups, if you own an Lexus, McGarth Lexus is the place to take it with any and all of your vehicle needs."

What cars have a 2jz motor?

mark 4 supra, Lexus gs300, Lexus sc300 and Lexus is300

What company is Lexus owned by?

Lexus is a part of Toyota

What Is the Concept Lexus in the new commercial?

The Lexus LFA

Which country is Lexus gs300 from?

Lexus is a Japanese marque.

What does the lfa for Lexus stand for?

Lexus Fuji apex

What model is the Lexus?

lexus hybrid RX330 2006