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Hello, go to WIKIPEDIA and search 28th.infantry division...scroll down to WW 1 action&hit link's this may help you.I just picked up 3 RPPC of the 112th. CO. H,Machine Gunner(MG)Div. and am trying to confirm these were Erie boy's,or mixed.,etc.Good luck !

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Q: Where can you find the history of the 112th Infantry Company G in World War 1?
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What is the history of the 13th infantry in World War 2?

See "American War Library."

What is the 112th episode aired on The Amazing World of Gumball?

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What has the author Rupert Prohme written?

Rupert Prohme has written: 'History of 30th Infantry Regiment, World War II' -- subject(s): History, Regimental histories, United States, United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 30th, World War, 1939-1945, United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 30th (1901-1957)

Does anyone have a photo of Company H of the 111Th Infantry Division of the 28Th Infantry Division that served in World War 1?

Unfortunatly I do not at the moment however I do know that someone in my family has a picture of several men in the company. I am unsure as to where it is. My great grandfather served in the company too. :)

World War 2 involvement of Company K 7th Inf Reg third Division?

It would be difficult to provide a detailed history of Company K to include its troop movements, battles, casualties and such. The 3rd Infantry Divison served in Sicily and Italy, including time at Anzio Beach. After the fall of Rome in June 1944, they participated in the invasion of Southern France where they fought into Germany. There is a detailed history of the 3rd Infantry Regiment that was published soon after the war. Maybe you can obtain a copy through an inter-library loan. Or you can purchase it from the publisher; Nashville Press. "History of The Third Infantry Division in World War II" by Donald G. Taggart. Battery Press, 1945

What has the author Stephen Bull written?

Stephen Bull has written: 'Infantry tactics of the Second World War' -- subject(s): History, World War, 1939-1945, Tactics, Infantry, Tank warfare, Campaigns, Equipment, Antitank weapons, Infantry drill and tactics 'World War II street-fighting tactics' 'World War One' -- subject(s): Equipment and supplies, Great Britain, Great Britain. Army, History, Uniforms, World War, 1914-1918

Where did the 112th Infantry serve in World War 1?

The 112th Infantry was one of the four infantry regiments in the 28th Infantry Division in WWI. The 28th ID is in peacetime the Pennsylvania National Guard. More than a dozen National Guard Divisions were deployed to France, more than "regular army" or so-called National Army (draftee) divisions. The 28th ID was in the line in several different parts of the western front in France. The division was credited with participation in the Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, Oise-Aisne, Ypres-Lys and Meuse-Argonne campaigns. During WWI the Division took a total of 14,139 casualties (KIA-2,165 ; WIA-11,974). US WWI divisions were almost twice as big as WWII divisions, A US WWI division had nearly 28,000 men at full strength.

What has the author Thomas Hall Westlake written?

Thomas Hall Westlake has written: 'History of the 320th infantry abroad' -- subject(s): 320th Infantry, Regimental histories, United States, United States. Infantry. 320th Regiment, World War, 1914-1918

What has the author Carl Edward Glock written?

Carl Edward Glock has written: 'History of the 316th Regiment of Infantry' -- subject(s): 316th, Infantry, Regimental histories, United States, United States. Army. 316th Infantry, World War, 1914-1918

Where in France did the 111th regiment 28 Division have a battle on 29 September 1918?

he 28th Division traces its history from the briefly active 7th Division, formed in May 1917. In July 1917 or later, the division was renamed the 28th Division. It was activated in September 1917. Its initial organization included the 55th Infantry Brigade (109th and 110th Infantry Regiments) and the 56th Infantry Brigade (111th and 112th Infantry Regiments). During World War I it was involved in the Meuse-Argonne, Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, Oise-Aisne, and Ypres-Lys operations. During the war it took a total of 14,139 casualties. An honor battalion of Pennsylvania National Guardsmen of the "Iron Division" (These are not soldiers, these are iron men. Gen. Pershing) dedicated the Pennsylvania World War Memorial in Argonne, France, in 1928.

Looking for history of army for Co. C 316 engeener BN World War 2?

The 316th Engineer Bn was the engineer battalion of the 91st Infantry Division. Every US division had as one of its units an engineer battalion. This battalion took care of things like clearing minefields, blowing up obstructions and enemy pillboxes, or anything else that needed blowing up, bridge building, camp construction, and so on. Few engineer battalions published their own history, let alone individual companies within the battalion. A company generally had around 200 men, at full strength. The history of Company C and the 316th Eng Bn would be generally that of the 91st ID. The 91st Infantry Division did publish a history, "The History of the 91st Infantry Division" in 1947, through the Infantry Journal Press. This is long out of print, but if you'll watch you could probably find a copy on eBay. Battery Press of Nashville has done reprint editions of many of the WWII divisional histories, but they are not as nice as the originals ( See related links below for a brief history of the 91st Infantry Division.

What has the author Albert S Brown written?

Albert S. Brown has written: 'World War II memories of Staff Sergeant Albert S. Brown, Company H, Thirtieth Infantry Regiment, Third Infantry Division' -- subject(s): American Personal narratives, Biography, Regimental histories, Soldiers, United States, United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 30th. Company H., World War, 1939-1945, United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 30th (1901-1957)

What has the author John A English written?

John A. English has written: 'A perspective on infantry' -- subject(s): Infantry drill and tactics, Infantry 'The Canadian Army and the Normandy campaign' -- subject(s): Campaigns, Canada, Canada. Army, History, World War, 1939-1945

What is the history of 4021st Quartermaster Truck Company?

The history of the 4021st Quartermaster Truck Company dates back to World War II. There does not seem to be any additional information on this particular division of the company.

What was the three digit MOS for a rifleman in an infantry company in World War 2?

745 Rifleman 746 Rifleman, Auto (BAR - Browning Automatic Rifle)

Did a World War 1 private live in the trenches?

Yes, mostly if the Private was in the infantry, or in a speciality that supported the infantry.

Where did B Company 345 Infantry fight in World War 1?

I don't think it did. My grandfather was in Company L and the story was he drove a truck as the war ended a few months after they arrived. I think they were part of the "watch on the Rheine"

What was a runner in the infantry during World War 2?

A "runner" is a messenger. Not only in the infantry, but in any unit. The greatest runner in history (because of who he was, not because of his "runner" duties), was...believe it or not, ADOLPH HITLER during the First World War (previously known as the Great War). He was a Corporal (an enlisted man) in the Bavarian Army (part of the German Army).

What has the author Donald O Dencker written?

Donald O. Dencker has written: 'Love Company' -- subject(s): American Personal narratives, Biography, Campaigns, History, Leyte, Regimental histories, Soldiers, United States, United States. Army, United States. Army. Infantry Regiment, 382nd. Company L, World War, 1939-1945

What is the history of Voestalpine?

Voestalpine is an international steel company in Australia. The company was founded in 1938, since then they have operated in different parts of the world and have grown to one of the biggest steel companies in the world.

Why is Gary speed an inspiration?

because he changed the belief in a nation as well as taking the welsh national team from 112th to 45th in the world rankings

What has the author George Rose Morgan written?

George Rose Morgan has written: 'Company \\' -- subject(s): World War, 1914-1918, United States. Infantry. 312th Regt. Company E, 1917-1919.

What is US World History about?

World History is history about the world

How do you find information on a US soldier in the 88th Infantry in World War 2 who died in December 1944?

You might try this website, it is a history of the 88th. There might be someone in there you can contact for information about Charles Eckman The unit history of the 88th Division is "The Blue Devils in Italy; A History of the 88th Infantry Division in World War II" by John Delaney, printed in 1947 and still available by Battery Press, Nashville. The book has one appendix with a roster of casualties(KIA) and another one for decorations.

What weapons did the 29th division use at d-day?

The 29th infantry used light infantry weapons during world war 2.