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Standard Catalog of Firearms, Blue book of Gun values, on line auctions, gun shop

2009-12-04 00:48:08
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What is an Allen pistol?

Pistol made by Hopkins and Allen @ turn of the century or before.

What is the value of Hopkins and Allen pistol serial no 3921?

Impossible to value with just the sn and no other descriptors

Do you have information on Hopkins and Allen Arms Co production number 3739 pistol?

about the the late 1800s

Hopkins and Allen pistol range model serial prc 60 or 68. I am looking for any info value or year of manufacter?

Cornell Publications might have a book with that information.

What is the year of manufacture of a Hopkins and Allen 32 cal pistol serial number 48 48?

No definitive sn data published.

Who made the red jacket pistol 4?

Hopkins & Allen Company.

Hopkins Allen pocket pistol 5 shot?

They made thousands of them.

What is a Hopkins and Allen ranger number 2 pistol worth?


What calibur is serial 832 rifle Hopkins Allen co?

The Hopkins & Allen 832 was chambered in .32 RinFire Short.

Where is the serial number located on a Hopkins and Allen pre 1900 bulldog 38 cal pistol?

SN's were not required at that time. If it has one, look on the butt or frame.

Where can you get Information about Hopkins and Allen serial 15585?

Unfortunately, a serial number ALONE does not impart any information. H&A made rifles, shotguns and handguns. The company closed in 1916.

What year of Hopkins and Allen XL no 6 pocket pistol?

Try Cornell Publications.

What Year was a Hopkins and Allen Double Action No 6 Pistol Serial No 4801 made?

No detalied sn data published Other answer: The No.6 was made between 1896 and 1899

Hopkins Allen Arms Co single shot 22 pistol chrome plated with 10 inch barrel serial number 907 what can you tell me about it?

You will need a professional appraisal.

What year was a Hopkins and Allen double action no 6 pistol serial no 6769 made?

Sorry- H&A went out of business in 1916, and there are very few production records for the company.

What year was the Hopkins and Allen 10 gauge was made serial?

You need to provide the serial number

What is the value of a Hopkins and Allen shotgun serial number 1760?


When was a Hopkins Allen Revolver serial 6888 mfg.?

lnquire at:

Value of Hopkins Allen shotgun serial?

100 USD or so

Hopkins and Allen 38 cal pistol ammo?

gun shows, custom ammo makers

When was Hopkins and Allen shotgun made with serial number S9469 made?


How much is a Hopkins and alley arms XL double action pistol worth?

Try Hopkins & Allen. Depending on condition, anywhere from $25-100.

Your Hopkins Allen Arms Co Norwich Conn has serial 3938 stamped in the butt Any thougths?


What is the age of a 12 gauge Hopkins and Allen serial U4248?

Between 1880 and 1920.

What is the year of a Hopkins Allen handgun with the serial number of 186544?

1870-1910 or so