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Everybody wants to have a unique wedding that they can cherish for the rest of their lives. But when people actually get down to thinking about ideas for their wedding, they often find themselves stumped for ideas. So here are some tips on where you can get wedding ideas from.

  • Online Sites: There are innumerable online wedding sites that have a host of wedding ideas as well as other wedding related information that you will find useful.
  • Wedding Books: There are a number of great books that you can buy to search for some above-the-ordinary wedding ideas. Your local bookstore is sure to have some books that can help you.
  • Wedding Shows: Many organizations as well as individuals host many wedding and bridal shows. These can be a great place to get some unique ideas for your wedding. You can have fun while visiting such shows and you need not even spend a great deal of money to get wedding ideas.
  • Wedding Planners: Wedding planners can help you come up with great wedding ideas for a truly memorable wedding. But if you don�t want to spend money on hiring a wedding planner, then you can make use of the other resources to find wedding ideas.
  • Family and Friends: Your loved ones can give you really wonderful ideas for your wedding as these are the people closest to you and know your preferences and your wishes.

Online sites are definitely fantastic! My favorite two are:


They are both wonderful websites (you will quickly come to depend on The Knot - definitely sign up with them, because it'll save your sanity).

Best of luck!

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Q: Where can you find wedding ideas?
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Where can one find ideas about a wedding scrapbook?

Someone could find ideas about a wedding scrapbook on the Joann website.

Where can someone find ideas on wedding party gifts?

There are many places where someone can find ideas on wedding party gifts. One can find ideas on wedding party gifts at popular on the web sources such as Exclusively Weddings and Etsy.

Where can I find some good ideas on wedding centerpieces?

You can find wonderful ideas for making wedding centerpieces on the following or Weddings Wedding Centerpieces

Where can I find great ideas for wedding presents?

There are plenty of different websites online where you can find wedding present ideas. A great site with unusual wedding gifts is called

Where can I find bridal wedding ideas?

The best place to find bridal wedding ideas is at the bridal shop in the neighborhood. They have many connections to all resources involved in a wedding. Try them first.

Where can I find wedding centerpiece ideas online? has great ideas on wedding center pieces She even has an article on 50 great ideas. You will find something very unique over there at her website.

Where can I find good ideas for a special wedding gift?

You can find great ideas for a wedding if you go online and look under different bridal shops. You can also look in the wedding magazines which are always helpful.

Where can one find beach wedding ideas?

One may find beach wedding ideas on the website "Bridal Guide". They have some informative articles with tips and ideas specifically for beach style weddings.

Where can I find wedding favor ideas online?

I find a lot of my wedding ideas from Martha Stewart's website. There are some many interesting ideas and lots of pictures to give you an idea of what it should look like.

Where can one find wedding center piece ideas?

There are several on-line places one can find ideas for wedding centre piece ideas. For example Bridal Guide, Better Homes and Gardens all can advise you.

Where can I find pictures of wedding cakes online to give me ideas for mine?

There are many online sites that have pictures of wedding cakes. I suggest, as a great site where you can get ideas for your wedding cake.

What are some creative, cheap wedding invitation ideas?

You can find ideas for inexpensive and creative wedding invitations at the following or

Where can one find Maui wedding ideas?

Maui wedding ideas can be found by locating the local wedding planner. Wedding planners are knowledgeable about all kinds of weddings even the one that are exotic and designed with an Hawaiian theme such as a Maui wedding.

Where can one find inexpensive wedding ideas?

There are many websites that offer inexpensive alternatives for weddings as compared to many wedding industry publications. Popular websites for these wedding ideas are Pinterest, DIYNetwork, and MoneyCrashers.

Where could one find information about ideas for wedding favors?

One could find information about ideas for wedding favors in a variety of places. You could ask friends and family for ideas, search for a book on the topic at the library, or look to the internet for as many ideas as you could possibly want.

Where could one find ideas to make their own save the date wedding cards?

There are a variety of websites where one can find ideas to make one's own save the date wedding cards. One can find such ideas on the following websites: The Knot, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Shutterfly.

Where can one find ideas for winter weddings?

If you have a wedding planner they would probably be your best option for winter wedding ideas. Many bridal magazines would also be a good resource for a specific type of wedding.

Where can I find wedding present ideas?

Wedding present ideas can be found on user forums online where people share real world experiences. Otherwise, going to a bookstore and reading on preprinted ideas may help.

Where can I go to find great ideas for a first wedding anniversary?

You can find great first wedding anniversary at Or if you would prefer to make a present, you could make roses out of paper.

Where can someone find ideas for a winter wedding?

The Bridal Guide website offers winter wedding ideas. The website includes an article called '100 Ideas for Winter Weddings'. From color palettes to centerpieces to cakes, the website offers tons of inspiration for a winter wedding.

Ideas for wedding day?

Picking the right wedding ideas for you can be extremely challenging. Here are some wedding ideas and tips to help you pick and plan your dream wedding : 1. Look for inspiration in different aspects of your life to get the right wedding ideas. 2. If your wedding ideas involve a particular theme, use that to coordinate different aspects of your wedding. 3. Remember to slow down and enjoy the wedding planning processes and all of your great wedding ideas.

Where can I find help and ideas on how to make my own wedding centerpiece?

Check places like Pinterest, Etsy, Ebay. Watch wedding shows and get ideas. If you get a vision run with it. Part of the fun of it is trial and error. Your wedding is your day.

18 wedding ideas for hilarious couples?

How can I find 70's wedding decor for a bride who is stuck in the past? is where people pin their interests. in this case, this is the 70s wedding themes section where people link LOADs of 70s wedding ideas.

What are some ideas for a backyard wedding?

A couple of ideas are a Barbecue Themed wedding or a Citrus (lemon-lemonade) wedding. You can also have a Garden Themed wedding.