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Where can you get Nintendo DS r4?


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Gamestop or online.....Ebay....


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No, the R4 for the Nintendo DS will not work on the Nintendo DSi

An R4 is basically a mod chip for the Nintendo DS console. You can download games from the internet and put them on your R4 card and play the games on your Nintendo DS.

Yes it does. I have an older ds and I have an r4 card.

An R4 Is an I think illegal device to download Nintendo Ds Games for free,

no it cant. r4 can only play: Nintendo ds games,music,music videos,videos.

Yes, the R4 Original is compatible with the Nintendo DS Lite.

no , only if you have an R4 for your Nintendo DS a R4 is a memory card that holds games , music , and other things from your computer

NO there is no law against R4 DS but is a huge pirate to Nintendo

You can by getting an r4 card for ds (by ordering)

no it's not 'cause r4 works as a memory stick where you can run DOWNLOADED games in your ds which is ILLEGAL.

It is the games n music ds. R4 DS is a slot-1 flashcard for Nintendo DS console. With a MicroSD card, it can play games, watch TV, listen music and read E-book on Nintendo DS console.

Hi, Use Google search and type in: "nintendo+DS+R4". That sould do it. Hope this helps, Cubby

There are a couple of places you can buy R4 for the Nintendo DS system. You can buy this at Best Buy or GameStop.

no it is not that is a r4 card it for the Nintendo ds r4 card is not legal in most country. as it hurt the benefit of Nintendo and game developer. with the r4 card, user can play most DS games for totally free. they won't pay any money to game developer. So Nintendo is beating flashcard all the time.

No, the R4 will only play Nintendo DS Games and Homebrew.

It's not approved by Nintendo, and is illegal in several countries. R4 flashcard is prohibit by Nintendo. it is a hacking and anti-hacking proces. Just like the cat and mouse. Nintendo trying to beat r4 card, but it is really hard.

You have to buy a browser thing for it. You can get one for around 30 dollars.It will come with instructions.Type "Nintendo Ds Lite browser on your search engine to find out more! you can get an r4 for the ds and then u can download games from the internet. When you get the r4 you can get a browser for it that runs off the r4

From what I hear it is compatible. I am not compielty sure if it compatible. There are many r4 cards in the market currently. The r4 ds card is only for ds and ds lite. but the r4i card can run on dsi. Well, the latest version is r4 3ds card. It can run on Nintendo 3DS,DSi and DS console. If you want to get a flash card with good compatibility, I suggest you to got a r4 3ds card.

i think you can because there pretty much the same and i have an r4 for the ds so i think you can bye Old R4 DS card can only support Nintendo DS and DS lite. There are many new R4i card with support DSi V1.4.1, such as r4i sdhc v1.4.1,r4i gold, r4itt,r4i ultra,dstti and so on. Latest R4 3DS card has best compatibility. They can run DSi games on all Nintendo consoles, such as 3DS,DSi V1.4.1,DSILL,DSiXL,DS and DS lite.

I think so. I know someone who has a different kind of blank Nintendo ds chip. She could play movies on her Nintendo ds.

The Nintendo DS console cannot run Wii software.

u go to the r4 website (go to google type in site r4 ds) then go to downloads and select the files u want to download

Ok, let me start by rephrasing your question. Are you asking is there an R4 that was made to work on any DS?Well I am not sure about any but I can say a R4 card does exist that works on Most.Try theR4 SDHC v1.41 Card.

You can get R4 cards at your local market or on the internet, however you can not get them at your local shopping center because they are illegal.

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