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You can find the operator's manual for that engine at You will need to contact the manufacturer of the mower for the lawn mower owner's manual. Briggs and Stratton did not amke that mower, only the engine.

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you can goto and get a manual for that engine,

From the 1994 Briggs & Stratton Repair Manual - For Single Cylinder 4-Cycle Engines, it says the three styles are Flo-Jet carburetors, Pulsa-Jet carburetors and Vacu-Jet carburetors. Hope that helps.

To do a carburetor adjustment on a Briggs and Stratton lawn tractor engine, one might look in to their user manual. The best way for this to be done would be to take it to a lawn mower store and have it professionally done.

B&S publish an excellent small engine repair manual. Buy one and follow their directions.

Hi, The manual calls for 0.010 - 0.014" and a business card makes a good item to use to set it.

Most Briggs and Stratton (B&S) engines of that size can have the spark plug gapped to 0.030" What I truly recommend is that you visit the Briggs and Stratton web site and download the engine owner's manual. You will need the Model Number, Type Number and maybe the Date Code. This information will be used to obtain the appropriate Owner's Manual. You can also obtain the IPL (Illustrated Parts List) for your particular engine. The web site is - and you can take a look around for the manuals.

.030 Refer to your owners manual of remove the old plug and just replace it with an identical plug.

Try the owners manual. It should be about .030 of an inch. If the magneto gets weaker close the gap about .002 (or to .028) of an inch. Good Mowing.

won't stay running starts and goes then stalls Sounds like might be a float ,fuel filter or maybe just needs a good cleaning. Hope this helps.

It is a Murray product though I could not tell you if it is the Noma division. All belong to Briggs & Stratton now. The manual is available from Sear at the site and is linked below.

Get the repair manual for this series of engines. B&S part # is 272147. Got mine on e-bay. Lots of pictures for this procedure. You tube has a video.

Checking at your local public library for a manual on small engines repair would probably be the easiest way to find B&S and other small engine "blow-up" diagrams and repair guides. Suggestion: If you get the Model and Code numbers from your engine, you might find a manual specific to your engine.

5w30- check owner's manual. I run synthetic in my A4 2.8.

There are several systems used by Briggs for choke control. Auto choke engines are equipped with a heat sensitive bi-metal coil attached to the exhaust. When cold, the coil closes the choke plate. When heated by exhaust gases, it opens the plate. Most other models have a manual lever to open and close the choke or a primer bulb system.

Visit your local public library and check out a manual on small engine repairs that is applicable to your engine. You can find all different carburetors used on small engines and you can make a copy of the one that you need for your reference.

Depends on avant or saloon, petrol or diesel auto or manual, front drive or quattro.

It will have to be somehow attached to the throttle valve. Clamp the cable so that it doesnt moves then attach it to the vavle and it should go back and forth. The more the valve is openend then the more rpms it should have. Good luck.

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