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You can only get a Sidekick from T-Mobile. However, the Sidekick is actually a re-brand of the Danger Hiptop, which you can get other places.

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Can you trade in the sidekick 08 at tmobile for the sidekick 09?


Where can you get a sidekick id?


How do you restore the data service on the Sidekick ID?

u must have sidekick data plan threw tmobile u must have sidekick data plan threw tmobile

How do you unlock tmobile sidekick 3?


What is tmail?

tmail is email for a tmobile sidekick phone

What is the best texting phone for tmobile?

sidekick 4g

Does sidekick slide support RTSP streaming?

No, Only the sidekick lx. Resources: TMobile Customer Service

What is the real name of a tekmate phone?

sidekick 2. tmobile

How much does the sidekick 2008 cost?

It cost 29.99 if you get it From tmobile.

What phone companies can you use the sidekick for?

Probably Tmobile bc my cuz had tht fone and she had tmobile but could be wrong?

Does Tmobile offer any prepaid plans with Sidekicks?

Yes, Tmobile does offer prepaid plans with the sidekick. You would have to buy the phone outright than set it up on the prepaid plan.

What company is the sidekick lx from?

Sharp and danger made it and Tmobile sells it

How do you add a theme on your sidekick slide?

youu have to purchase one from tmobile

How you unlock your TMOBILE sidekick lx special sim code?

i dont

How much does sidekickslide cost?

It depends on what kind of sidekick, You can find it on the tmobile website

Does sidekick lx support rtsp?

Yes Resources: TMobile Customer Service

Will a sidekick iD sim card work in a sidekick 3?

Yes you can. You can put any tmobile sim card into any tmobile or unlocked phone and it will work perfectly. Although you may need to add some features to your plan :)

Where you can find unlock codes for sidekick 2008?

Do you have to pay money for internet on a sidekick 3 or LX?

Yes. That goes the same for all the blackberrys on tmobile. I don't know about other providers though.

What phone does Wiz Khalifa use on the ATL Freestyle video?

he uses the tmobile sidekick 08

Will a sidekick id sim card work in a sidekick 2008?

it should because all sim cards are the same (well within your compny like tmobile sprint and others).

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Which carrier is better tmobile or Verizon?

I think that tmobile is known for the sidekick, and Verizon has better service. Though, Verizon has great phones like the EnV2, EnV3, and Env touch, adn the Voyager. Its up to you, though.

How much do sidekicks cost?

well it depends on which sidekick you are talking about.You should check the TMobile website and find a store nearby.

Is Sprint better then Tmobile?

I think Tmobile has way better coverage than Sprint.

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