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Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

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Answered 2011-01-28 16:41:30

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

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oyu can use any unlocked att phone with a sim card port

Yes, but it has to be a phone that can accept the sim card, and it must be unlocked by the previous company. ex. if you have a tmobile phone you want to use, call tmobile and have it unlocked, then put your att sim in. It is not recommended though due to data services will generally not work. p.s. Iphones can not be unlocked by anyone.

Absolutely, I do. ... Yea, but only if you buy it unlocked

Yes - providing the t-mobile handset has been unlocked.

can ANYBODY tell me how i can used the internet, messenger, e-mail on a unlocked sidekick?? i all ready tried change the APN network. useless.. :(

yes if your phone is unlocked from china or hong kong or an american att or tmobil services...(Unlocked)

Yes, provided your ATT phone is SIM unlocked.

If the T-Mobile phone is unlocked meaning the network unlock code has been given to the phone. Contact T-Mobile for the Unlock code after you have an active AT&T account and sim card.

Yes you can! as long as the phone is unlocked any sim card will work in it :)

you just make up your own code when you first get

what do u mean by unhack??? it is locked to Tmobile network. using it on ATT will remove any backup or data features. once its unlcked, it will still work fine on tmobile so there is no need to fix anything

An unlocked phone can accept the SIM card from any cell phone provider. If you have an ATT SIM card, you can use it in an unlocked phone. A locked phone is created by the provider to force the use of its service; an unlocked phone can take any SIM card.

YES, you can. IF you have an unlocked code for your at&t phone with T-mobile service. If you don't have an unlocked code, go to your local at&t store and they will unlock it for you, And, you won't lose any information with your T-mobile plan when you put your T-mobile Sim card on your at&t phone.

No the phone should not have a problem with reding the sim card as long as the sony ericsson is unlocked josh

No, I've tried. You have to insert a special code. (3 tries and the phone locks down) You have to get another att phone.

no it does not . it fits into a blackberry 8350I from nextel but it doesnt fit into any tmobile or att.

no because Verizon has cdma band and att and tmobile has gsm

Can't. AT&T is gsm sprint is CDMA. AT&T and tmobile phones can be used on each other networks if Unlocked. And Verizon and sprint if flashed.

The T-Mobile phone needs to be unlocked and then yes you can!

If the Galaxy handset has been unlocked - yes.

yes u can I had my att go phone unlocked and tried to use my sim card from st. talk which I found out uses att service towers in my area however, it didn't work. It stated "sim crash"

If the Motorola you have is unlocked to work on any network then yes it will, if it is not unlocked, then you will need to get in contact with the original network provider and ask them to unlock it

Virgin Mobile now uses sim cards and ATT and other carriers only what customers to use their phones, so the phones are locked for use only on their network. If you get an unlocked cell phone you can use it on any carrier that uses sim cards. NOTE: Tmobile and prepaid carriers don't have Iphones on the service.

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