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CR=400 IR=35% CR=500 IR=25% CR=600 IR=15% CR=700 IR=10%> CR=800 IR= you loan the money

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Q: Where can you get a list of examples of interest rates based on credit scores?
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What is the interest rate on loan?

Interest rates are based solely on the severity of your credit. Good credit = low interest rate. Bad credit = higher interest rate.

What is competitive interest rate?

There is no simple answer for this question. Your rate will change based on your credit scores, Loan to Value, Debt to income ratio, loan size, state and county, etc.

What are some low interest credit cards?

Low interest credit cards are credit cards that have low APR rates or a low introductory APR rate based on credit. They have low annual interest rates, which means, for a certain period of time, sometimes up to 21 months; after this period of time, interest rates will be based on credit worthiness.

How many points will come off your credit report when your foreclosure falls off?

There can be no specific answer, as credit scores are based on the person's entire credit history.

Can you get a good loan rate if their are satisfied judgments on your credit report?

Yes you can, it will be based on your credit scores and how you are currently paying you debts now.

What company has the lowest interest credit cards?

Interest fees vary depending on the credit card company. Most companies apply interest based on your credit score and credit history. To obtain a lower interest rate, increase your monthly payments or make payments more frequently. The more payments you make the lower your interest will be.

Where are the best credit card rates in the nation?

Credit card rates are not based on geographical location,but are based on individuals credit rating. The higher the rating, the better(lower) the interest rate.

How do you find services servicing free credit scores?

Firms and companies servicing free credit scores are beneficial to consumers by way of helping them be aware of their financial status. These firms and companies assess our income as well as our capacity to pay based on certain criteria and are very helpful in preventing us to have bad credit scores.

What is responsible for granting college credit based on AP exam scores?

The college or university you will attend - Apex (:

Find Auto Loans?

Credit scores play a major role in auto loans. When you buy a car, the dealer will obtain a credit score from one of the three major credit bureaus. Based on this information, you will get an interest rate for your auto loan. The higher the credit score, the better the interest rate. Therefore, a good credit score could save you thousands of dollars over the life of your loan. Interest rates are just dependent upon credit scores. The state you live in and the length of your loan also play a role. However, your credit score is the largest factor. How much does it matter? Assuming the current national averages, the interest rate on a $20,000 auto loan for sixty months is around 4.97% if you have excellent credit. For credit scores of 590 or under, that same loan would carry an interest rate of 18.89%. That translates to a huge amount of money over the length of the loan. It also means a larger monthly payment. By raising your credit score just a bit, you could save a lot. A credit score of 620 would give you a rate of about 11.98%. That lowers your monthly payment by over $70. If you have the time, repair your credit as much as you can before getting an auto loan.

What are the average interest rates on a American express credit card?

The average interest rate for American Express credit cards is 14.83%. Interest rates can vary from person to person based on their credit rating. Sometimes American Express even runs promotions where they have zero interest for a full year!

What is an appropriate interest rate for a secured loan?

Interest rates will be decided based on what your securing the loan with and how good your credit score is. A good interest rate is running right around 8% for a secured loan with average credit.

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