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obsolete manuels can be ordered on the Remington web site, and some current models are available for free on the web site to print.

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Q: Where can you get a manual for assembly of a Remington 512 Sportmaster 22 LR?
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What year was the Remington sportmaster 512 made?

your Remington model 512 was made from 1940-1962,with a total production of 395,000 guns.

What is the value of a Remington The sport Master Model 52 22 caliber?

I think you mean a Sportmaster 512, Remington didn't make a Model 52. In MINT, like new condition around $300.-

Install the bolt Remington model 512?

Please tell me how to install the bolt in a Remington Model 512

What is the value of a Remington Sportmaster 512 Ser?

I just bought a Remmington 512 Sportmaster in excellent condition from a local dealer for $150.00 they are going up in value due to being a good starter rifle for beginners at clubs. They are fool proof and getting harder to come by. Darn those Squirrel Hunters! If you buy one for less, its a good purchase. Many have been destroyed in gun buybacks as cities try to eliminate guns. I seen them cut up. Sad.

How many rounds will fit into a Remington sportmaster model 512?

Well, it all depends on which rounds you want to feed into the tube magazine. The Model 512 will shoot .22 short, long and long rifle cartridges, so if you put a mixture of .22 caliber cartridges in the magazine tube, the number of cartridges it will hold will vary. You can add one more round if you include a cartridge in the chamber.

How do you read Remington sportmaster512 serial number?

I don't believe the Remington 512, 511 or 510 have serial numbers

What is the value of a Remington 512?

Average condition $75.00 Exelent $100.00 Remington 512 is a similar to the T-513 & T-514 with the same receiver and a non target stock and tapered barrel

What is the value of a Remington Model 512?

remington model 512 value, as with all items, depends on condition. how good in the finish, wood, bore. Any rust/pitts. between $75 - $100 if good

Where is the serial number on Remington model 512 sportsmaster?

Many shotguns & .22 caliber rifles manufactured before 1968 did not have serial numbers. This would include your Rem. 512

When was your Remington 512 made?

1940-1962 Will be date code stamped, see related links for details.

What is the value of a 22 caliber Remington Sportmaster Model 512 bolt action?

They were made between 1947 and 1965 or so, so the quality is wildky variable. I have been seeing them going for $ 50.00 to $ 165.00 in good condition. I just saw one being put up for bid online with a suggested starting price of $ 265.00, though I don't think they'll get it. Great shooting .22! Get one if you can. CPRWIZ

What range of years was the Remington model 512 sportsman maufacturedin?

I do not know the answer, I can tell you that I goy mine for Christmas 1959.

Can you shoot magnum shells with the 512-x?

If you mean a Remington 512 X Sportsmaster, no. It is for .22 Short, Long, Long rifle cartridges. The .22 magnum is longer, larger in diameter and more powerful.

What was the manufacture date of a Remington model 512 serial number 10350?

It's date code stamped on the left side of the barrel in front of the receiver, check the Remington Society of America for location diagram and chart.

Why does the bolt come completely out when ejecting a fired round in my model 512.?

Well, it would help to know which gun your model 512 is, but for now I will assume it is a Remington SportsMaster 512. The bolt stop may be worn, broken or dirty. Take it to a gunsmith for examination and repair as needed. Parts wear out.

How do you get parts for a Remington Model 512 Sportsmaster bolt action 22?

I would go to Numrich Gun Parts Corp.first in my search for parts.

What year was the Remington model 512 p 22 sportsmaster made?

They were made from 1940-1962, to figure out the month/year you need to look at the barrel code and look that up under the manufactured date on the Remington Society of America.

What is 512 512?

512+512 is 1024 is that your answer?

How old is my Remington 512 the letters on the barrel are wtt?

The Remington Society website contains a page that contains a listing of the date codes and their corresponding months and years. W means the month of August, and TT is the year 1948.

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Do finnclassic 512 barrels interchange with the valmet 412 frames?

If the owner's manual doesn't tell you, you need to contact the maker.

What is 55 percent of 512?

55% of 512= 55% * 512= 0.55 * 512= 281.6

How do you remove the bolt from a Remington 512-X?

Lift the bolt, pull it back, and then depress the trigger (just don't make it too "sad" ! ) while pulling it out of the rifle.

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