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Try looking on e-bay, they have a lot of odd stuff. there is an add on the net inside AIMSURPLUS or SURPLUSRIFLE for a site called BURGESS I think..........they make replacement stocks for many rifles

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โˆ™ 2005-12-30 16:48:24
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Q: Where can you get a new stock for a Model 87A 22 rimfire?
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Where can you find a new or used stock for a model 520-30?

I have a used "riot" 520-30 butt stock.

Where can you buy new 41 short rimfire cartridges?

try :

Will 1980 model yz compete with new yz model?

If they are both the same engine size, stock, and running right the New 2stroke YZ will dominate a 1980.

Where can you find a new stock for a Model 70 Youth in 7mm-08?

Try Boyd's on the internet. They are a stock company that should have this item.

Who is the model on the wiki answers site?

WikiAnswers is a user driven model. Everyone can contribute. If you mean the new image, above, it is a stock photo.

Where can you get a stock and trigger guard for a Savage model 311?

Try ebay. I just bought a new stock for $60.I believe they had a couple trigger guards. Steve.

Where can you look to find a stock for a Revelation model R312AB?

This gun is the same as a Mossberg 395. It probably won't be worth what the new stock costs but the parts are the same.

Where can you find a JC Higgins Model 58316 stock?

Boyds gunstocks has new ones available for 59.00

What is the price on pardner single shot 12 gauge shot gun serial number NH405871?

well I bought mine used for $75 at the pawn shop,it's an older model with the wood stock and dark chamber.The new model cost about $115-135 through H&R(the new owners of NEF)or wal-mart.the new model has black stock with a silver chamber.

Where can you get a stock for Ted Williams Model 21?

I got one years ago from Gun Parts in New York.

Where can one purchase a Winchester model 70 pre-64 stock?

If you're looking for a used original Winchester stock, contact Numrich arms.If you want something new, Google "Stock, Winchester, 1894 OR 94"

How much for a new stock for a JC Higgins Model 583.13?

These guns have been out of production for many years, and finding NEW stock will be a mtter of luck. Numrich (gunpartscorp) has the .410 stocks (used) for about $70, but is sold out of other gauges. Sorry.

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What is the difference between glenfield model 60 Old style and model 60 new style?

The "New Model" 60 has a bolt hold-open lever that extends through the trigger guard. The bolt, bolt hold-open parts, trigger guard, and stock are different.

Where can I get a new stock for my Ithaca model 900 ser?

i saw a used one on ebay but you can contact Ithaca Gun Co. directly

Where can you get a new stock for a 22 LR Stevens Junior Model 11?

The Model 11 Junior, the last of the Stevens "boys' rifles," was last made in the late 1930s. Finding a stock can be difficult. They show up occasionally on eBay, but not often. I know of no reproductions. A woodworker with moderate skills could create a stock if he/she had an old one for a pattern.

Are Remington model 870 stocks interchangeable with the new model 887?

No. The 870 stock has a shoulder that mates inside of the receiver. The 887 has a receiver with a shoulder that mates inside of the stock when assembled. Both stocks are attached to the receiver by the same single 1/4'' 20 bolt configuration.

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When was the J Stevens and tool co model 520 manufactured?

1904 to 1915 although they had old-new stock they sold thru the 20's and on...

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Where can you find a butt stock for a Revelation Model 350 12 gauge?

Should be a single-shot made by Savage/Stevens. We have new reproduction stocks.