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Try looking on e-bay, they have a lot of odd stuff. there is an add on the net inside AIMSURPLUS or SURPLUSRIFLE for a site called BURGESS I think..........they make replacement stocks for many rifles

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โˆ™ 2005-12-30 16:48:24
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Q: Where can you get a new stock for a Model 87A 22 rimfire?
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Where can you find a new or used stock for a model 520-30?

I have a used "riot" 520-30 butt stock.

Where can you find a new stock for a Model 70 Youth in 7mm-08?

Try Boyd's on the internet. They are a stock company that should have this item.

Where can you buy new 41 short rimfire cartridges?

try :

Will 1980 model yz compete with new yz model?

If they are both the same engine size, stock, and running right the New 2stroke YZ will dominate a 1980.

Who is the model on the wiki answers site?

WikiAnswers is a user driven model. Everyone can contribute. If you mean the new image, above, it is a stock photo.

Where can you find a JC Higgins Model 58316 stock?

Boyds gunstocks has new ones available for 59.00

Where can you get a stock and trigger guard for a Savage model 311?

Try ebay. I just bought a new stock for $60.I believe they had a couple trigger guards. Steve.

Where can you get a stock for Ted Williams Model 21?

I got one years ago from Gun Parts in New York.

Where can one purchase a Winchester model 70 pre-64 stock?

If you're looking for a used original Winchester stock, contact Numrich arms.If you want something new, Google "Stock, Winchester, 1894 OR 94"

What is the price on pardner single shot 12 gauge shot gun serial number NH405871?

well I bought mine used for $75 at the pawn shop,it's an older model with the wood stock and dark chamber.The new model cost about $115-135 through H&R(the new owners of NEF)or wal-mart.the new model has black stock with a silver chamber.

If a stock splits will new stock certificates be issued?

I can only say that when my stock split the company issued new stock certificates.

How much for a new stock for a JC Higgins Model 583.13?

These guns have been out of production for many years, and finding NEW stock will be a mtter of luck. Numrich (gunpartscorp) has the .410 stocks (used) for about $70, but is sold out of other gauges. Sorry.

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