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Try Numrich Arms aka Gun Parts Corporation.They have a web site.

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Q: Where can you get a saddle ring for an 1894 SRC?
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What is the age of Winchester mod 94 3030 saddle ring serial number 735835?

your Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine was made by Winchester in 1914.

What does SRC stand for in a 94 Winchester Rifle 30-30?

saddle ring carbine

Year made model 1894 saddle ring 25-35 sn 456644?

Go to

Is 32 40 the rarest caliber in Winchester Model 94 saddle ring carbines?

Actually any caliber other than 30-30,or 32win special,will bring a 40% premium to the value of any saddle ring carbine model 1894 Winchester.I can only assume that the 32-40(32WCF) and 25-35Win.would be the 2 most rare calibers in the saddle ring carbine version of the model 1894.

What year was Winchester model 1894 sn 912702 saddle ring carbine 30 wcf made?


What is a saddle ring?

A saddle ring is a small metal ring on the side of a firearm, allowing it to be hung on a saddle hook.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1894 with a saddle ring serial number 840122 in good condition?

Your Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine,which was made in the year 1919 should bring between 450-600 dollars in the condition that you describe.The right buyer may pay even more if he/she comes along.

What is the value of a 1894 Winchester 32 w.s. 20 barrel made 1908 with saddle ring in good overall condition?


What is the value of winchester 94 saddle ring carbine 398454?

It would be better if you would describe the overall condition of your Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine.Please include the amount of original finish remaining on your rifle in a percentage basis and include the overall condition of the wood and bore.A Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine that was made in the year 1907 good bring in excess of 1,000 dollars easily.If you supply this info I would be better able to set a value for you.

What is the value of a Winchester 1894 25X35 saddle ring rifle with the nickel steel round barrel seriel number 330253 25-35 and what year was it manufactured?

The Winchester saddle ring rifle costs $3,950. The rifle was manufactured in the year 1904 with?æa scare 25-35 caliber.

What is the value of a Winchester model 1894 3030 serial number 124xxxIT HAS A SADDLE RING ON IT?

The value depends on what the gun is (rifle or carbine) and if it has the saddle ring and what the condition is. Since it is a pre-64 (manufactured in 1898) you should have it professionally appraised, preferrably by an advanced Winchester 94 collector. Almost certainly it has significant value.

What is the brass ring on the left side of the receiver of a Marlin 336CS?

It is called a "saddle ring." A leather thong can be attached used to mhang the rifle from your saddle. It is called a "saddle ring." A leather thong can be attached used to mhang the rifle from your saddle.

Did the Winchester model 71 come with a saddle ring?

I must say no,I have never seen one with the saddle ring or seen any in my references.

What is a saddle ring carbine?

It is a short rifle which has a steel ring attached to the left side of the receiver approximately opposite of the loading port. The purpose of the ring is to provide a convenient place to tie the rifle to your saddle, so if you drop it, you won't lose it. It seems like Winchester offered the saddle ring first in 1892.

What year was a Winchester model 1894 sn 833582 saddle ring carbine 30 wcf made?

Made in 1918 per George Madis reference booklet which contains Winchester manufacturing dates.

What is the value of a Winchester 1894 30 W.C.F. saddle ring rifle with nickel steel round barrel manufactured in 1907 with a peep sight and the original saddle ring in fair condition?

Assuming 90% condition, a rariity for a gun that was ordinarily well-used and not stored carefully away, the value would range from $1,600 to $2,000 in this fairly rare 25-35 caliber.

When was Gunnar Ring Amundsen born?

Gunnar Ring Amundsen was born in 1894.

Winchester model 94 ser954xxx what is manafacture date?

if it has a saddle ring it is 1925 if no ring 1926

Did Marlin ever make a 444 rifle with a saddle ring?


1894 30 746964 what is it value it has a saddle ring?

The collector value of your 1915 vintage Model 1894 can only be assessed by a visual inspection & evaluation (appraisal). Old Winchesters are very much like old classic automobiles... the graded condition, the factory originality, and the specific configuration are the key factors in determining what they are truly worth.

What is the age and value of a Winchester model 94 serial number 5031533 also has the sadle ring in the right place?

With the serial number that you have provided,your Winchester model 1894 saddle ring carbine was made in the year 1982.The value of these carbine,s is between 200-350 dollars,depending on the overall condition and a good bore.

What is the year and value of a Winchester model 94 44 magnum rifle with saddle ring serial 3237264N?

Your Winchester Model 94 Saddle Ring Carbine was made in 1969. It books from $325 in 100% condition to $150 in 60%.

What is the proper rear sight for a model 1894 saddle ring carbine 30-30 caliber made in 1909?

Unless a different sight was special-ordered, it would have come with the Series 26 rear sight, which was made in-house by Winchester.

What is the value Winchester 1894 1950?

Well it depends on the condition, if it is a long gun or a carbine , or has the saddle ring on the left side. which would be the most valuble. if the rifle is not reblued or the stocks redone and is about 95% condition some collector might pay as high as $800.

What is a saddle strap?

Saddle strap is a fastener used to attach a saddle on a horse. It is usually made of a leather. Typically, the leather straps are connecting the stirrups to the saddle and protecting the rider's legs from sweat. (Stirrup is a light frame or ring that holds the foot of a rider, attached to the saddle by a strap.)

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