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Q: Where can you get a tattoo license in the State of New Jersey?
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What state has the cheapest marriage license?

new jersey

Do you need a front license plate in New Jersey?

Yes, by law, you are required to have a front license plate in the state of New Jersey.

Can you marry in new york city with new jersey license?

No, you have to have the proper license from the correct state.

What is the slogan for New Jersey?

The state slogan is: New Jersey, Come See for Yourself. The state license plate says: The Garden State

If you have a suspended New Jersey drivers license. Can you get a Georgia drivers license?

Not likely. If you have a pending matter in Jersey, then you should bust a move and get your new license in another state BEFORE the Jersey court enters the suspension order.

What does it say on the bottom of new jersey's license plate?

Garden State"Garden State".

How do you surrender your drivers license in new jersey?

In the state of New Jersey, you can surrender your drivers license by visiting the closest motor vehicle branch. Tell them you want to surrender the license and get a receipt as proof.

How do you get a black seal license in NJ?

A license issued by the state of new jersey certifying you as a boiler operator.

What license do you need to perform laser tattoo removal in new york state?

do u need license for doing laser hair removal

What is the New Jersey's governors license plate?

New Jersey's governors license plate is 0001000

Can two foreigners get a marriage license in New Jersey?

Yes, two foreigners can get a marriage license in the state of New Jersey if they meet the requirements. They will need to show proof of identity with a picture ID.

Can a liquor license from another state used in New Jersey?

No, liquor licenses are only valid in the state that issued them.