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Where can you get a vacuum hose routing diagram for a 1985 Pontiac Trans AM?


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You can get diagrams at; look for the emissions diagrams for your engine make and year.


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The routing should be in your owners manual if you have it or there should be a diagram under the hood.

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You can find a power window wiring diagram for your 1977 through 1979 Pontiac Trans Am in Pontiac service manuals. The service manuals can be found at most local libraries.

Go to autozone and sign up for the repair guides, Look under emissions and the have all the digrams for the TA. I just found them there. Nice site.

Wiring for 91 Pontiac Transport:

The fuse box diagram, for your 1995 Pontiac, can be found on the inside cover of the fuse box. The fuse box can be located in the engine compartment.

You should check Click on Repair info, then Vehicle Repair Guide , then you can select your vehicle type, "driveability & emission controls", then vacuum diagrams. There are some 8 cylinder ones listed.

The 1989 Pontiac trans am is a classic automobile. Yes, you can flat tow a 1989 Pontiac Trans Am.

Pontiac Trans Sport was created in 1990.

Not very likely, as there is no such thing as a 2005 Pontiac Trans Am.

Pontiac parts man still might have it in a book laying around in the shop.

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chiltons of course!! If you want a FREE ONE goto

how to take a evaorator out of a 1997 pontiac trans am

The Trans-am is no longer made. Pontiac stopped production in 2010. this website helped me figure out how to put the wiring on my 86 TA

1969 was the first year for the Trans Am.

A Trans Am is a package on a Firebird.

Try this link that I just found... I just found this about five minutes ago. I also have the same problem. I think it will help.

Look in your owners manual if you still have it and if you don't visit your local Pontiac parts man and he can print out what you need.

If you can find any they'll be the only ones in existence, as there won't be a 2011 Trans Am (or even Pontiac, for that matter)

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