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It depends on what type of 'rig' you are going to use. If you are going to use a 3500 style 1-ton pick-up truck, insurance is harder to find, and more expensive. These are often called "Hotshot Rigs."

If you use a truck (built mainly to pull or haul), then it is easier to find insurance. You have to find a firm that will insure your radius of operation. You will also need liability coverage of no less than $750,000.00 and you will need cargo insurance; of which the boat manufacturer will tell you what they want you to have. You might also need to have General Liability of $1 million.

Most cargo insurance costs $750.00 for every $25,000.00 of cargo insurance. So, $100,000.00 of cargo insurance will generally cost you $3000.00/year. You can get deductibles of perhaps $1000.00, which may lower your cargo insurance costs.

If you finance the 'rig' you are going to have to have physical damage insurance.

Check local firms, but you must state that you have a haul-for-hire business. You will also need a DOT number, and the DOT dictates the liability levels of insurance to protect the general public.

Also, do you have a CDL (Commercial Driver's License) or do you need one for the kind of rig you are using? Check with the DOT. And you have to keep a driver's log daily, and have a medical card to go with your license.

If you can meet the requirements set by the DOT, and you can make money...great. But do not cut rates to get the business, as that's a sure way to be out of business shortly. Transportation can be highly competitive, so be careful.

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Q: Where can you get commercial insurance for a start up business hauling newly manufactured boats?
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