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If the company does not have its own website, a catalog that sells that brand (try Chef's Catalog and others like it) might be able to help. But the best bet is the internet. Google the company itself, then, if that doesn't help, the general type of cookware you bought from there.

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Q: Where can you get faberware cookware warranty info?
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How durable is farberware cookware under normal usage conditions?

Faberware cookware is very durable under normal usage conditions. However, they are not your best option for commercial purposes.

What is the best brand of non stick cookware that I can purchase online?

Faberware is the best brand of non stick cookware you can purchase online. They make quality non stick cookware and have a variety of products available for great prices online.

What is cookware warranty?

The period for which it is covered by guarantee.

What type of warranty comes with cephalon cookware?

The type warranty that can come with cephalon cookware can range from 1 year to 25 years, even lifetime.

Do any of the Calphalon cookware sets come with a warranty?

Yes, Calphalon cookware sets do come with a warranty. To get more information about the warranty for your specific set, contact 1-800-809-PANS.

What stainless steel cookware has a lifetime warranty?


Need replacement of revereware copper bottom handle fell off where do you send the defective pot or what is the current telephone number for warranty?

If your cookware is quite new you can try which has a warranty contact. If your cookware is quite old, you can try which sells replacement parts for "vintage" era Revere Ware cookware (1939-1968).

Who makes the longest lasting and easiest to clean stainless steel cookware?

The company BEA is the most well known cookware dealers in the nation. This company supplies cookware with a lifetime warranty, and the ability to be non stick if so desired.

Do ipod touches come with a warranty?

Of course. The warranty info can be found at:

Is a faberware coffee maker a useful brand coffee maker?

Faberware coffee maker is a useful brand coffee maker. It makes excellent tasting coffee.

kitchenaid cookware warranty?

Kitchen Aid comes with a lifetime warranty for one year and then after that it is limited warranty only. That means only certain circumstances will be covered. Not to worry they are sturdily built and can withstand a lot.

How do you get warranty service on magnalite cookware?

The handle has broken off of my smallest pot. I use it to make rice & tea in. Is the handle replaceable? Thank you. Carole Brownell

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