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Where can you get iPod circuits?

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How do you make your iPod a tazor?

You cannot turn your iPod into a tazer. It is impossible to do so, and there is a circuit board on the iPod that prevents circuits of electricity from escaping.

What are good household insulaters?

Some would have to be wood , rubber , plastic, and glass. Oh, and if you're wearing an ipod and struck by lightning, the ipod will adsorb the lightning. Although, you'll fry its circuits.

What does 4th generation mean in regard to CPU?

vacuum tube circuitstransistor circuitsintegrated circuitsmicroprocessor circuits

What do you get when you cross a baby with a computer?

A: Short Circuits

What are circuits?

Circuits are an electricity word

What are the 3 kinds of electronic circuits?

The three types of electronic circuits are called closed circuits, open circuits and series circuits. You will often hear these terms when an electrician explains what he is doing.

Advantages of RC circuits over RL circuits?

There is no true advantage of RC circuits over RL circuits, as they perform different functions. RC circuits contain resistors and capacitors, while RL circuits contain resistors and inductors.

The difference between the circuits?

You have not specified which circuits

Most of the circuits in your home are?

paralel circuits

Most circuits in your home are?

paralel circuits

What are the 2 main electrical circuits?

The two basic types of circuits are series and parallel circuits.

How are parallel circuits different from series circuits?

In DC circuits , parallel circuits are positive to positive , and negative to negative connections. Series circuits are negative to positive , negative to positive , using the two ends negative and positive as the connection to the device to be powered. Series circuits increase voltage , parallel circuits increase amperage.

Are LC circuits and tuned circuits same thing?

a "LC circuit at resonance" and tuned circuits are the same

What do combination circuits use?

Compound or combination circuits combine aspects of both parallel and series circuits.

Compare and contrast open and closed circuits?

they are circuits

What are the types of circuits?

The types of circuits are series and parallel!

What are the different types of register circuits?

why are there different circuits

The points where circuits interconnect with other circuits?


What types of circuits are in a cell phone?

parallel circuits

Are connected circuits called closed circuits?


How can you use circuits in a sentence?

His logic runs in circuits.

What are the uses of a silicon controlled rectifier?

Silicon-controlled rectifiers are used in switching circuits, for phase control, for clipper circuits, inverting circuits, and relay-control circuits

How many circuits in the parallel circuit?

parallel circuit - a closed circuit in which the current divides into two or more paths.The circuits in a parallel circuits there are two or more circuits.

What are full circuits?

Full circuits are basically closed circuits, meaning that it allows electricity to pass through the circuit.

Can parallel circuits be used instead of fuses?

No. Parallel circuits are not fuses. Fuses can be used to protect parallel circuits.