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Specialty Lines - Wedding Event InsuranceThe type of insurance you need is called "Event Insurance" sometimes called "Special Event Insurance".

There are specialty Lines underwriters that cover this market.

For your Wedding Reception the best place to seek out coverage would be through a Professional Wedding Planner. A Professional Wedding Planner will likely know of Specialty Insurers that may offer this kind of one-off coverage.

Alternatively, you could try your usual family insurance agent. If you already have other long term personal or professional lines coverage placed through your agent and he considers you a valued client he may be willing to find coverage for you.

Since Event Insurance is generally for a rare occurrence, especially for a wedding which is a one off event that most hope will occur only once in a lifetime. Most Insurance Companies and Agents find it too rare a demand in the market place to offer such coverages.

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Q: Where can you get liability insurance at a good price for a wedding reception?
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There are several places where one can find objective price comparisons for motorcycle liability insurance providers. Netquote compares several insurance providers online. One might also talk to several local insurance dealers because they might have ideas for saving money.

Is there cheap van insurance for a new van?

Yes! You can find inexpensive van insurance for new vehicles depending on if you want full or liability insurance. If you don't have to carry full insurance, you can purchase liability insurance which is usually cheaper than full insurance. If you want to ensure you have the lowest price, shop around.

Where can one compare public and employers liability insurance?

Compare The Market is a website where you can compare different types of liability insurance and receive price quotes. They compare from a variety of insurers to find the best prices.

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"Many companies offer cheap commercial liability insurance. About every company has the same coverage at around the same price. Allstate, CApotial one."

Is there any cheap car insurance Arkansas for liability insurance?

Liability coverage is usually much cheaper than a full coverage policy. However, the final price will depend on your driving record and year of the car.

Do you provide professional liability insurance?

Sure. Depending on your occupation professional liability can be added as a rider to a businessowners policy. Often times professional liability will be a separate policy. I recommend that you contact a good independent insurance agency that represents several insurance companies so they can find you the best policy for your needs at the best price.

Where can I get cheap insurance for my truck?

The price of the insurance on your truck will depend on the policy you get. For example it will be cheaper for just liability than for full coverage. You are looking at around $100 a month.

How can you budget your car insurance?

You can budget your car insurance by changing the coverage that you have on your car. Liability only insurance, or your state minimum is going to be the cheapest insurance but doesn't provide much coverage. As you add coverage the price goes up.

How much property damage liability car insurance should one get?

It all depends on what they offer and the price. You should ask them for the price on the amount of property damage protection.

Who offers cheap liability insurance?

It depends on what kind of liability insurance you're seeking. If you want car insurance, Geico and StateFarm are generally very inexpensive, though it all depends on your car and driving history. If you want business liability, look at TechInsurance or Nationwide for the best fit. If you are an artist, you can try ACT Insurance Program - cheap and simple artist liability insurance, starts from $265 annually or from $39 per show. Also there are companies that sells product and general liability insurance for businesses and individuals. By no means should you shop by price only. The amount of premium that you are charged depends upon a number of factors, not the least of which are policy limits (the mount of insurance that you buy) --liability limits.

Where can a business owner purchase insurance of their business?

A business owner can purchase insurance for their business, such as liability insurance or small business health insurance by visiting a price comparison website. Price comparison websites allow one to enter some simple details and be presented with a list of different quotations to find the preferred price, level of cover or duration of cover.

What are the best plans for budget car insurance?

If you are on a tight budget the best plan to get would be liability only on your car. If you add collision to your insurance the price will go up considerably.

Where can I find information about wedding insurance?

There are plenty of insurance companies that offer what is called Event Insurance. There is even a website by the same name that can give you a quote for your area and event so you can be sure of the price.

Does 2 million liability car insurance cost more than 1 million?

Most times more liability insurance costs more to the average driver. However, if you have had safe driving experience for over ten years then most times you will see little price difference.

Who pays for the ambulance when a child almost drowns in the pool?

Question your homeowners insurance. If it was the neighbor's pool, perhaps their liability/homeowners insurance will pick up the cost. In any case, you have to have the ambulance at any price.

How much does liability insurance cost for a tattoo studio?

It completely depends on your risk. This kind of commercial coverage is individually underwritten so there is no one set price for this kind of insurance. You'll need to contact a commercial insurance agent to get quotes.

What does commercial general liability do for you?

In a nutshell, you transfer your risk from claims from liability that arises from your business premises and operations, as well as your products and advertising to an insurance company, who promises to pay on your behalf and/or to defend you in court against claims, up to the limits of insurance you purchase and subject to policy terms and conditions, such as exclusions and if any, deductibles. Commercial insurance policy forms vary from insurance company to company, and a number of endorsements that modify the form are usually available, so it's important to find a knowledgable agent who can help you assess your needs and the right insurance policy for you within your price range - never purchase insurance solely on price!

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You may need host and property damage coverate. You can get some help here

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