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Disney has anticipated their guests' every need, even an upset tummy. Asprin, Pepto-Bismol and other over-the-counter meds are available in many shops on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom, in most retail shops in Epcot Future World & World Showcase, and at Disney MGM Studios and the Animal Kingdom. It's not on display. That would ruin Disney's perfect fantasy, you know. Remedies are kept behind the counter, and you have to ask for them. If one shop doesn't carry your preferred brand, they'll direct you to one that does. If you forgot your prescriptions at home, the nearest drug stores are the Walgreen's in Lake Buena Vista (407-238-0600) and Turner's Drug (407-828-8125). Either will phone your home pharmacy and/or physician and get you a refill until you get home. For a small fee (about $10) Turner's will also deliver your medication to any Disney or non-Disney Orlando area hotel. Some tourists have also had good luck phoning their pharmacy at home, and asking that a refill be FedEx'd to them, with overnight delivery. This option can be expensive - the minimum FedEx charge is about $30- but if you forgot your heart medication, it's worth it.

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Q: Where can you get medication around Walt Disney World?
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