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Well, I went to the welfare office and they put me on access. I was off of it but they put me on it because of the baby

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Q: Where can you get money to help pay for your hospital bills?
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Do i have to pay for my dead husbands hospital bills with the insurance money?

Dose my mother have to pay for my late fathers hospital bill from the auto accident that killed him?

do you help pay bills ?

do you help pay bills

How do actors pay their bills?

Actors pay their bills in the same way that others pay their bills. They pay them with money that they make from working. If they do not make enough acting, actors often have second jobs to help them pay their expenses.

What is the statute of limitations on having to pay hospital bills in Idaho?

In Idaho, there are no statue of limitations on having to pay hospital bills directly from a hospital. However, there is a 7 year statute of limitations in Idaho for hospital bills bought by a factoring or collection company.

How could you raise money for your mum?

Depending on why you need to raise money for your mum is how you get the money. To pay bills, etc,.; Take a little bit out of your job pay check and help her pay the bills. To help with medical problems/bills; Find out what the insurance can offer. From there take it to court. You may get a settlement for why she is injured, etc. If anything else...improve my answer.

How much money do they take for overdue hospital bills if you win lottery?

If you win sufficient money hopefully you would be honourable enough to pay outstanding bills without being ordered to do so.

Statute of limitation laws on hospital bills in Nevada?

There is not a statue of limitation law on hospital bills in Nevada. If you owe the money, you need to pay it. However, when applying for a car or house loan, they do not take medical bills in the same weight as other bills. They tend to be more forgiving.

How do you get help paying hospital bills?

Hospitals usually have social workers that can help you fill out forms to show that you are unable to pay. Call the hospital and ask to speak to a social worker about your account.

Does the Springfield lawyer help you get money to pay for medical bills?

"A springfield lawyer can help you get money to pay for medical bills, but only if there is a legal reason that you are entitled to that money. They could represent you in a personal injury suit, or a malpractice suit, if those are the reasons you have medical problems."

Does Medicare part b pay hospital bills?


What is a federal grant program to help the states pay the hospital medical and other health care bills of the poor?


is there a grant that will me pay my bills and mortgage ?

is there a grant that can help me pay my bills and mortgage?

Where can you get help to pay your bills?

you can get help to pay your bills almost anywhere. save up your Christmas money granny and gramps. you can go a long way with that. it seems like a lot to us kids because we don't have that kind of money. and some times your parents don't either so help them

Can I get a grant to help catch up on bills?

Can I get a grant to help pay bills.

What if the spouse can not pay the deceased husbands hospital bills in Texas?

The hospitals often will forgive medical bills if the attorney or spouse calls the collection or billing agency for the hospital. Often, hospital bills are one of the bills not required to be paid at all by the spouse.

Can medicare take your home to pay your deceased mom's hospital bills?


help with paying utility bills?

need financial help to pay utitity bills

How do you make people pay your bills?

You don't make people pay your bills -- you pay your own bills or you don't borrow money in the first place if you can't pay it back.

Can you be sued over unpaid hospital bills?

complicated question. you will probably be turned over to collection agency and they will call you day and night. if you don't have the money, what can they do? nothing. however, if you get sick again - then what ?? go to the hospital again and ... uh oh, bad credit and past due bills on your record - sorry - you didn't pay last time - we can't help you this time. don't pay - just don't get sick again.

If Mother dies and leaves a will with house mortgaged and hospital bills to 3 kids are they responsible to pay?

The mother's estate is responsible for settling all debts. The house will likely have to be sold and the proceeds used to pay the hospital bills.

Which best type of account for money you use to pay regular bills?

The best type of account for money you use to pay regular bills is a checking account.

Why do you have insurance?

Occasionally people have car wrecks or sudden hospitalizations. Most of them do not have the ability to get the money needed to pay to get the car fixed or to replace the car. Most do not have the money to pay the hospital charges. If enough people put enough money into insurance, then when one wrecks a car or one gets sick, there will be money to pay the bills.

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i need the help please

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“how can i apply for a government grant to help pay my utilites and heating fuel bills?”

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No. But You Can Pay bills for technology.