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Where can you get money to help pay for your hospital bills?


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2008-05-03 22:44:50
2008-05-03 22:44:50

Well, I went to the welfare office and they put me on access. I was off of it but they put me on it because of the baby


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Dose my mother have to pay for my late fathers hospital bill from the auto accident that killed him?

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Actors pay their bills in the same way that others pay their bills. They pay them with money that they make from working. If they do not make enough acting, actors often have second jobs to help them pay their expenses.

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In Idaho, there are no statue of limitations on having to pay hospital bills directly from a hospital. However, there is a 7 year statute of limitations in Idaho for hospital bills bought by a factoring or collection company.

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Depending on why you need to raise money for your mum is how you get the money. To pay bills, etc,.; Take a little bit out of your job pay check and help her pay the bills. To help with medical problems/bills; Find out what the insurance can offer. From there take it to court. You may get a settlement for why she is injured, etc. If anything else...improve my answer.

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If you win sufficient money hopefully you would be honourable enough to pay outstanding bills without being ordered to do so.

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