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Where can you get replacement stocks for Charles Daly firearms?

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In the Philippines. you can order any part of Charles Daly in the Philippines. because Charles Daly is manufactured by ARMS CORPORATION ( ARMSCOR )

Parts for every firearm that I've ever owned, including stocks, are usually carried in stock by the manufacturer. That would be the first place I would try, at least as long as the gun is still being manufactured, or recently discontinued. In the manual for the last Ruger long gun I bought, a list of parts and prices was included in the owner's manual.

100s of Original Miroku manufactured Charles Daly Wood Stocks & Forearms are available at: B&C Gunsmithing - There are over 10,000 Charles Daly / Miroku parts (all kinds) in stock.

These have been out of manufacture for more than 40 years and when Sloan Sports quit the importation of these guns, their entire spare parts stock was sold to Garfield Guns of Garfield New Jersey. When Garfield Guns closed their doors several years ago, their entire stock of spare parts was sold to B&C Gunsmithing of Lake Havasu City AZ.

Modern Charles Daly guns were manufactured in Turkey and imported by KBI Inc.. Charles Daly (KBI) and ARMSCOR do not have spare parts for Miroku manufactured Charles Daly guns.

Update: KBI has closed its doors, leaving owners of the newest Charles Daly guns "high and dry". Unfortunately, there does not appear to be a good source for these parts...

2015-07-14 16:47:19
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When was Charles Daly firearms created?

Charles Daly firearms was created in 1875.

Where can you get assembly manaul for a Charles daly 12 gauge auto that was made in Turkey?

Steves Pages has a PDF manual for hundreds of firearms including the Charles Daly.

What type of wood was used to manufacture Charles Daly replacement grips?

There were no grips made for CD/M shotguns. Butt stocks are one piece, whether they are pistol grip or English style.

Where are the main offices of Charles daly firearms?

Owned by KBI of Harrisburg PA, Daly's offices are in New York City

Are youth stocks available for Charles Daly 20 gauge semi auto shotgun?

I don't know if there are aftermarket youth stocks, but Charles Daly manufactures both the VR-MC Pump and VR-MC Auto 20 gauges in youth configurations with short stocks and barrels. The autoloader weighs in 18 ounces (approx. 1/6th) lighter than the Remington 11-87 Sportsman youth.

Why my Charles daly 20 ga auto locking block assembly keeps braking?

Charles Daly Shotguns madde by Akkar were built with cast inferior locking blocks in the bolt assembly. It is fairly common for them to break and crack. Numrichs sells replacement parts and Samco Global Arms Inc now sells the Akkar line of shotguns, but will not fix the older Charles Daly guns. You might be able to buy parts from them for your Charles Daly guns. So much for the lifetime warranty that Charles Daly offered. Walmart and several local dealers where still quoting the lifetime warranty even when Charles Daly had already gone out of business.

Where can you find a disassembly diagram for a Charles daly 500?, search under Charles Daly

When was John Charles Daly born?

John Charles Daly was born on 1914-02-20.

When did John Charles Daly die?

John Charles Daly died on 1991-02-24.

Who sales Charles daly shotguns Charles daly shotgun dealers?

Wal Mart baby! Wal Mart has semi auto Charles Daly shotguns (20 & 12ga) for about $320.

When did Charles P. Daly die?

Charles P. Daly died on 1899-09-19.

When was Charles P. Daly born?

Charles P. Daly was born on 1816-10-13.

Where can you find a parts breakdown for a Charles Daly 12 gauge 3 auto?

Charles Daly has imported semiauto shotguns from Italy and Turkey. Would need to know exactly which Charles Daly you have. You can also check the Charles Daly/KBI website for manuals.

Will rem chokes fit in Charles daly shot guns?

yes i have a Remington 870 choke in my Charles daly

How do you replace a charles daly firing pin?

How to replace a firing pin from a Charles Daly 20-gauge semi automatic

When was Charles Dudley Daly born?

Charles Dudley Daly was born on October 31, 1880, in Boston, Massachusetts, USA.

What is the value of a Charles Daly 50 caliber muzzleloader made in Italy for Charles Daly?

I paid 100 for the same in used condition...

What countries have Charles daly shotguns been produced in?

Charles Daly shotguns have been produced in Germany, Japan, Belgium, and Italy.

What has the author Charles Brendan Daly written?

Charles Brendan Daly has written: 'The life of the Christians in North Africa in the time of Tertullian'

When did Charles Dudley Daly die?

Charles Dudley Daly died on February 12, 1959, in Pacific Grove, California, USA.

What is the value of a Charles daly imported by kbi inc 3838 empire ii trap ae-mc combo set?

$3,000 approximately. i am a firearms expert and work in Vegas with the pawn shop.

What is the value of a Charles daly over and under 12 gauge shotgun serial number 711859?

I have a charles daly 711907 and would like to know as well.

What is the price of a brand new Charles Daly model 105?

aveage price is between 350.00-450.00 for a Charles daly model 105 o/u

Where Can I Find Charles Daly Parts Diagrams?

What countries produced Charles daly shotguns?