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Where can you get the anti-theft code for 2000 Honda accord ex for free?



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The only place you may get it free is you local Honda dealer, especially the selling dealer. The dealer who sold the car new, may have the code on file. If not, you will need the serial # off the radio in order for them to supply the code. Every online site I know of charges to supply the code, and they also need the serial #. You may be able to see the serial # with a mirror. If not, you will have to remove the radio. Look around in the glove box and all documentation like the owners manual and see if someone wrote the code down. It comes with the car on 2 small cards. In the case of glove compartnment, you should see a white sticker with numbers and letters. It is not marked as a radio serial number, but most likely it is. Give your dealer a call and give them the number you found in the glove compartment. Good luck.