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The only place you may get it free is you local Honda dealer, especially the selling dealer. The dealer who sold the car new, may have the code on file. If not, you will need the serial # off the radio in order for them to supply the code. Every online site I know of charges to supply the code, and they also need the serial #. You may be able to see the serial # with a mirror. If not, you will have to remove the radio. Look around in the glove box and all documentation like the owners manual and see if someone wrote the code down. It comes with the car on 2 small cards. In the case of glove compartnment, you should see a white sticker with numbers and letters. It is not marked as a radio serial number, but most likely it is. Give your dealer a call and give them the number you found in the glove compartment. Good luck.

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How do you fix trouble code PO1362 and PO1367 on a 2000 Honda Accord?

How do you fix trouble code po1362 and the Honda odssey 2000

What are the cuts for a 2000 Honda Accord with a key code of 8408?


What is the code p0172 for Honda Accord 2000?

Code P0172 means: System Too Rich

What are the cuts for a 2000 honda accord with a key code of 8400?

16 and 4

What does Honda code P730 mean?

hello :) can you please inform on a error code p730 for a 2000 honda accord v6 vtec engine thank you

How do i put in the anti thief code in Honda 2006 accord?

How do i put in the anti thief code in Honda 2006 accord?

How do you decode Honda accord 2000 radio?

I do not know what you mean by decode. If you are wanting to know what the code is for your 2000 Accord it is easy to find out. Just go register your Honda at the Honda Owners Link I will provide. Once you register the car you can get the radio code there for free by simply asking. Click the link and sign up.

What are the 2008 Honda Accord maintenance codes?

what is b123 service code for 2008 honda accord

Computer code p1259 on Honda Accord?

air/fuel ratio problems p1259 Honda civic/Honda accord

Trouble code 9 Honda accord 2000?

trouble code P0009 means: Engine Position System Performance - Bank 2

What does service code 7 mean on a Honda accord?

There are only 6 service codes for the Honda Accord. Never heard of service code 7.

TCU or TCM Honda Accord?

Transmission code P0700 for a 2001, 4 cyl automatic honda accord

What do code p1146 mean on a 99 Honda Accord mean?

This is not a legit Honda Code. Have it checked by a Honda dealer to retrieve the correct code.

2000 Honda Accord Diagnostic Code P0135?

Trouble code P0135 means: O2 Heater Circuit (Bank 1, Sensor 1)

What is the code po1399 code for 2000 Honda Accord?

Trouble code P1399 means: Multiple / Random Misfire Detected Check gap of spark plugs or replace them

What does dtc p1258 mean on 2000 Honda accord ex?

Trouble code P1258 means: VTEC System Malfunction

2000 Honda accord code 420 catalyst system efficiency below threshold?

Means you need a catylitic converter.

What does a po 154 code mean on a Honda Accord?

my transmission has a code 154 what is it 94 honda aacord

Car code Honda accord 91491?

Looks like the radio code for a particular radio on a Honda.

How do you input code for Honda Accord lx when is shows erre?

The Honda Accord was produced from the years 1976 to present. The best way to input the code for the Honda Accord LX when it shows ERRE is to type in the 5 digit code in the radio. The code can be found on the anti-theft radio identification card.

1999 Honda Accord radio code?

Click the link to the Honda Owner's Link. Go there and register your Honda. There you can get the code for free.

What does the fault code P1149 mean on a 2000 Honda accord?

Code P1149 means: Primary HO2S (Sensor 1) Circuit Range/Performance Problem

Can you use a 1994 Honda accord factory radio in a 2000 Honda civic?

i have a 94 prelude CD player in my 99 civic all you have to do is call Honda and get the security code for the CD player

Where do you find the code to reset the radio on a 1994 Honda Accord wagon?

You have to go to a Honda dealer and they will give you the code.

What does B123 service code for a 2009 honda accord mean?

The B123 service code for a 2009 Honda Accord refers to a problem with the computerized monitoring system. The exact problem can be identified by a Honda service technician.

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