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The closest manual on the market, will be the Haynes Manual. You will find that they are not all that complete either. You might be able to confront the head of the local dealerships service or parts dept., tell him/her your problem and ask if there would be any possible way to get copies for your car. At the price of factory Volvo harnesses.....they'll probably make you as many copies as you want.....within reason, of course. I am, at present, working on an '82 245 that the owner played with the wires on, supposedly built the motor, etc. When I get to the wiring, I'm going to Montgomery and do the same thing. Volvo had BAD problems back then....especially in the engine compartment.You might also open an account on the local Auto Zone sight, put in the info on the car and check the "Repair Info" section. There may be enough in their chassis and engine compartment diagrams to meet your need. IT'S FREE....just takes a little time.

Good Luck,Jarnkm, Alabama

2011-09-14 11:53:03
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