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Where can you get the song lean like a chola?

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βˆ™ 2007-06-23 18:36:00

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Probably on if not 2 bad

2007-06-23 18:36:00
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Where can you get lyrics to the song Lean Like a Chola?

See the related link for the lyrics to "Lean Like a Chola" by Carmen.

What does lean like a chola mean?

If you were a cholo you would lean like a cholo, "Elbow bows up side to side". So I'm guessing "Lean like A Chola" would mean to do whatever a chola does.

Who sings Lean Like a Chola?

The character "Carmen" from West Coast Radio sings "Lean Like a Chola". If you know the name of woman who supplies the voice of Carmen for the song edit this answer and add it. it's not a woman its actually a man. he is a radio personality from Laredo tx

Is it legal to download lean like a chola off the internet?


How to get a gothic girlfriend?

lean like a chola all night long with some black on !

What race is the person that sings Lean like a Chola?

Well... I am from the same city that (she) is from... Carmen is actually a guy who does prank calls to different business and stuff like that... He also makes fun of different songs like "Lean like a Cholo"

Who sings that song like a cholo?

artist is down song is lean like a cholo

Who created the song lean on you?

Cliff Richard created the song lean on you.

Who sings Lean Like an Emo?

Stephen Delamn is the one who sings That song. But its just a Parody song.

Where can you get lean like a emo free music download?

I love that song! "Lean like a emo!" lmbo Yew cann probably gets that on lime wire!

Who is the sungam thavirtha chola?

rajendra chola

When was Gangsta Lean - song - created?

Gangsta Lean - song - was created in 1993.

What song contains the lyrics lean back lean forward lean back lean forward?

Love lifted me

Who sings lean like a emo?

This is the myspace page to the rap group that sings "Lean Like An Emo". They're called There you can listen to and download the song, and get the lyrics.

Which chola king assumed the title of mummadi chola?


When was Virarajendra Chola born?

Virarajendra Chola was born in 1063.

When did Virarajendra Chola die?

Virarajendra Chola died in 1070.

When did Arinjaya Chola die?

Arinjaya Chola died in 957.

When did Chola dynasty end?

Chola dynasty ended in 1279.

When was Rajadhiraja Chola born?

Rajadhiraja Chola was born in 1018.

When did Rajadhiraja Chola die?

Rajadhiraja Chola died in 1054.

When was Alex Chola born?

Alex Chola was born in 1956.

When did Alex Chola die?

Alex Chola died in 1993.

When did Kulothunga Chola I die?

Kulothunga Chola I died in 1120.

When did Rajaditya Chola die?

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