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Where can you get travel insurance quotes?


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There are many insurers licensed by the Division of Insurance. In order to be licensed, an insurer must demonstrate it meets the state's minimum financial requirements to pay claims now and in the future. It must also agree to participate in the state's guaranty fund designed to protect policyholders if any licensed property and casualty insurance company is financially unable to pay claims. You can check for a list of companies in your area. When considering a company, you may want to contact your neighbors, relatives, and friends for recommendations regarding their insurance company's service and price. In addition, for a fee, you can learn more about the financial strength of a particular insurance company by contacting any of the following insurance rating services

A.M. Best Company (908) 439-2200 (

Duff & Phelps, LLC (212) 450-2800 (

Fitch Ratings (212) 908-0500 (

Moody's Investors Services (212) 553-1658 (

Standard & Poor's (877) 299-2569 (

Weiss Research Inc. (800) 289-9222 (

If you are having a problem with your insurance, you should first check with your licensed producer or with the company that sold you the policy. If you feel that the amount of money offered by your insurance company to pay for a loss is not fair or there are other insurer practices that seem unfair or deceptive, there are several alternative courses of action that you may want to consider:

* You can file a complaint with your state Division of Insurance

Unfortunately, most State Insurance departments will not be able to provide you with a list of insurance companies that provide travel insurance. Travel Insurance is a specialty line of insurance and is only offered by a relatively limited number of companies and is usually managed by a national program manager rather than by the insurance company directly. Best place to find a travel insurance quote is either to search the internet for "travel insurance" or "compare travel insurance". You will find the major companies either way however, the simplest was is to use the search term "compare travel insurance" and than use one of the online travel insurance comparison sites which will allow you to quote and compare the various plans and companies on a side by side basis. Most online sites will also provide you with the underwriters ratings however, don't be mislead by them as they only provide you with the financial stability of the underwriting insurance company and not the reliability of the program manager that manages all aspects for them.

Check with the Dept of Insurance in your state or the National Association of Insurance Commissioners website ( for links to the state officials where you live

There are four kinds of travel insurance: Travel Cancellation Insurance, Baggage or Personal Effects Coverage, Emergency Medical Coverage And Accidental Death. See related link for information


Related Questions is a good place to start pricing travel insurance. You can get quotes from multiple companies from that website, which is ideal when finding the lowest price.

Several quotes from Esure like home, travel insurance along with pet insurance. You can get quotes from any insurance products they sell by calling or going online.

"There are many different travel insurance companies. Depending on the country you will be visiting, you can find travel insurance quotes and coverage. Travel agents may be able to provide you with a list of companies that offer travel insurance for your destination. They may also be able to provide insurance to you directly during the booking process. There are several travel insurance companies so compare quotes and coverage prior to your purchase."

You can buy travel insurance online through RBC Insurance, Blue Cross and Travelguard. You can consult Kanetix to get a list of sites and quotes.

The website Lonely Planet is an an insurance company created for Canadians to get easy travel insurance. The website offers the ability to get quotes on their insurance packages.

Direct Line Insurance has a diverse portfolio of services. They can provide quotes for home, pet, car, business, travel, landlord, and van insurance.

Travel insurance depends a great deal on who is being insured, the period of time the insurance covers and the destination being traveled to. Travel insurance quotes can be found on sites like Cheap Travel Insurance and Cover For You.

Your bank will probably provide free travel insurance quotes online. Also I don't think you have to pay for any quote from any travel insurance company. I know I would never pay for a quote. It defeats the purpose of getting one.

Travel insurance covers the cost of unexpected emergencies or trip cancellations. It is good to get at least two or three quotes to compare services offered, as well as to get the best price.

There are a number of places where you can get good travel insurance quotes. The best place would be the AAA as they tend to deal with a lot of travel and would have a lot of experience.

There are many companies which offer seniors discounts for travel insurance. You can obtain quotes online by visiting such websites as

Yes you can get quotes for travel insurance the same day as you plan to travel. However, it must be purchased prior to departure. Visit for more information.

You can compare quotes on a variety of websites available, including SquareMouth, InsureMyTrip, and QuoteWright. Be careful when giving away personal information to these websites. You can also check with the US Travel Insurance Association (USTIA) for reputable agencies.

Travel insurance is relatively inexpensive, but it will vary depending on factors such as length of trip, locations traveled, activities, etc. Contact any travel agency for quotes.

Travel assist insurance is wonderful to have when the unexpected occurs. To get free quotes or to find more information you can visit

Travel insurance protects all of the important aspects of travel from start to finish. Plans may change or trips may be canceled for reasons ranging from alterations in the carriers' schedule to the traveler's medical condition to instability at the travel destination. Travel insurance protects you from loss in any of these situations. Add more protection with coverage for evacuation, medical care for accidents and illnesses occurring while traveling, and damage to rental property. Travel insurance packages cover a variety of situations and travel insurance quotes vary based on the package. Get several travel insurance quotes for the right coverage.

You can find many great travel insurance quotes online in a fast and timely manner. Some major corporations that offer these online are Travel Guard and Quote Wright.

Hagerty Insurance offers some quotes for classic car insurance. Grundy Insurance and Chubbs Insurance will also give you quotes.

Yes, AXA car insurance provides insurance quotes online. They also provide insurance quotes on the telephone.

You can get free life insurance quotes at

There are many places it is possible to search for car insurance quotes. One company that makes this possible is Insurance Genuine. They have insurance quotes.

Yes, Farmers Insurance does offer auto insurance quotes

Holiday and travel insurance can be found through travel agencies, personal insurance brokerages, on the internet or through the yellow pages telephone directory. Also available are holiday insurance quotes from roadside assistance programs.

Since travel insurance for USA can now be browsed online, you can compare rates from different insurance companies. There are many online travel insurance companies that you can choose from. The various cheap travel insurances are single trip, multi trip, medical, cruise, group or business insurances, and adventure and senior insurances.

Question: What insurance companies offer free insurance quotes?Answer: Some insurance companies that offer free insurance quotes are GEICO, State Farm, and Allstate.Why Good: This is an excellent answer. It gives more than one example of an insurance company that offers free insurance quotes.

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