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You should start by Googling "wedding planning. is an excellent resource for wedding planning.

One of the main things you will need at your wedding is an emcee and wedding music. Here's a website that easily let's event planners for weddings, like yourself, to browse and book the perfect performers for your wedding:

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Q: Where can you get wedding planning help?
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Are there event planning services in the Knoxville area that can help with a wedding?

There are several places that offer wedding planning in Knoxville. The best option is It has great tips and hints for wedding planning.

What is wedding planning?

It's planning for your wedding.

Are mothers supposed to help their daughters plan their wedding?

The MOB is usually very involved in wedding planning.

What is a general wedding planning time line or calendar?

For couples who have the time, the ideal time to start planning a wedding would be about 12 to 14 months before the wedding. A general wedding planning checklist needs to be done in planning a wedding.This list can be termed as the ideal time line or wedding planning calendar. Those who do not have as much time as is shown in this time line should follow a checklist in much the same order according to whatever time they have.Hiring a wedding planner is a great way to to help you keep track and stay on top of your wedding to-do's.

What are some places for a wedding planning guide?

Planning a wedding can be overwhelming. One of the most popular wedding planning sites and guides can be found at The Knot. Also available are My Wedding and Throw a Great Wedding.

Are wedding financing loans available?

If you need help in planning your wedding, there is a service that you can use to help with the finances of your upcoming nuptials, Wedding Payment Plan, LLC. You will be able to have that beautiful wedding you have always dreamed of without wondering where the money will come from.

What are some good wedding planning classes?

Wedding Planning Institute, which is a division of St. Petersburg College. I have read nothing but great reviews on their wedding planning courses.

Which books provide good information about wedding planning?

Entire shelves at bookstores are devoted to books about wedding planning. A few that are highly recommended are The One Stop Wedding Kit, How To "I Do", and Wedding Planning for Dummies.

Where can I go to learn about wedding planning?

There are many great websites that can help you with your wedding plans. One great website is and another website that may be able to help you is

Where can I get things to organize a wedding checklist?

Buy a planning booklet. It may sound like it wouldn't help but a wedding planner booklet can help a LOT. Since it has weddings in mind it will list and have sections for everything a wedding includes.

What are some well known wedding planning websites?

There are many good wedding planning websites. Some of the most well known wedding planning websites include WedSimple, Wedding Window, and Wed Quarters.

What is a lesbian called when planning a wedding?

A wedding planner.

what are the best wedding planning websites in lucknow?

Pingg Wedding is an Indian Wedding Planning Portal. Find Wedding Service Providers across India to Plan Your Big Fat Indian Wedding. pinggwedding com Phone No.:- +919580502719, +918303714850, 18008903688

What are the artisans planning for the wedding?

They are planning to put on a play.

Are there good books on wedding planning?

Yes, there are.Planning a wedding can be great fun but can also be a very stressful time. Ask any woman who has ever planned a wedding, either her own or someone else�s, and then you will know the true extent of the effort and time involved in planning a wedding.But even with all the stress involved, almost all weddings manage to take place without any major glitches, sometimes not because of but despite our planning. �grin�.There are a lot of ways to get help with wedding planning. One great way that is also not too expensive is � books on wedding planning. Here are some good books for those who need some assistance in planning a wedding.Wedding Etiquette from Emily Post: This is a great book for those planning a wedding and gives a traditional perspective to a traditional event.The Knot, Complete guide to Weddings in the Real World: This is another good book that gives a more modern perspective to wedding planning.The Ultimate Wedding Idea Book; 1001 Creative Ideas To Make Your Wedding Fun, Romantic & Memorable by Cynthia Clumeck Muchnick: This book could well be your one-stop-book for planning a great wedding.Your Perfect Wedding by Cathy Bouchard: As the name suggests; the perfect book for the perfect wedding.

Where can I find wedding planning help?

You can find a wedding planner anywhere really check your local papers or local areas in your town or check out these websites \

What colleges have wedding planning courses?

I do not believe that there are any college that offer wedding planning courses but check out these links:

When planning a wedding when should you hire a wedding coordnaitor?

about 2 months beofore the wedding.

What are the best books or websites to use when choosing a wedding cake design? Really helpful sites that will help you. :)

How much money is needed to start a wedding planning business?

Costs of starting a wedding planning business A wedding planning business can cost anywhere from $2,273 to $9,237, according to Entrepreneur. Office supplies, equipment, and furnishings, as well as finance, word processing, and wedding planner software and a computer, are all included.

Do you need master's degree for wedding planner?

A high school diploma is enough to be a wedding planner. Obtaining a degree in business management, or event planning and management will help any wedding planner career.

How do engaged couples split?

By planning a wedding, it is proven statistically that 7 out of 10 couples split while planning the wedding.

What does internships have to do with a wedding planner?

To answer your question. A internship help you learn the business from a professional wedding planner . There is Lots of details in wedding planning and a internship is the perfect way to get the knowledge you need but it also helps you look more experience to brides and grooms who trust you with one of the most important day in their life. So internship don't have anything to directly to do with wedding planning but it is a big help in getting knowledge and experience. If you are looking for experience and knowledge Las Vegas , NV . There is a 3 month wedding planning class at the international school of hospitality.

Does your company help with weddings?

Mine does not. However, there are many wedding planning companies awaiting your detailed questions. And... Congratulations!

What are the steps to becoming a wedding planner and what type of education is required?

You don't necessarily have to have a degree or anything like that, but taking event planning courses will help tremendously. You will need to register your wedding planning business at your local courthouse. Then you can begin your advertising.