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Why would anybody, in their right mind, buy such a part online....which would involve paying shipping....rather than go to the nearest parts store and buy the part???????????????????????? There are any number of reasons children should NOT eat paste, the above mentioned question is an example of what happens to children who do eat paste.........

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โˆ™ 2006-03-20 20:05:08
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Q: Where can you go on-line to buy a 180 thermostat for 95 Bonneville SE?
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180 degree is stock but you could also go with 160 degree

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How much is a thermostat for a BMW 325i?

I just bought one for my sons car it was about $100 but a project to do You can buy a BEHR OEM thermostat with Housing for $55 from several online parts stores:

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If you are asking about the engine thermostat, they are not adjustable. You buy them by the temperature setting.

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the thermostat is on the lower radiator hose next to block. the thermostat is all one piece when you buy it at the store. it has 2 bolts.

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