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First shower and set your hair in rollers. Remove all your body hair and slather perfumed lotion all over yourself. Then go to a lingerie section of a department store and select a strapless bra, a slip, panties and silicone false breasts then tell the store manager that you will agree to work there on weekends to pay for your crossdressing supplies. Then go to the makeup section of the store and tell the makeup girls that your greatest fantasy is to be painted up mega pretty and ultra femmy by several department store makeup girls. Have them do your makeup and brush and style your hair. Then, mince over to your local Bride and Formal Store and tell whoever is there that you are helpless to resist an intense desire to fully transvest. Shout out "I am a weak, sweet, effete, soft, sissy fairy fem and I LOVE being one!" But don't make a scene. Offer to work at the store for no pay providing that you can work while dolled up as a princessl Slip into the most flouncy girlish southern belle gown that is in the store. Put it on and slip on a pair of high heeled pumps, oh yeah, and also at least three fluffy petticoats. Then go to the local sports field or wherever other boys your age are playing football and Baseball and sit in the stands, crossing your legs like a girl. When the boys are through playing, stand up and shout out "All my life I have deliberatey avoided any activity that could build muscles because muscles don't look good in a dress!"

You eathier go to a costume store or go into your sister or mother's clothing and stay home.

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Q: Where can you go to get dressed up like a girl if you lost a bet and have to become a girl for a day?
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